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What is Customer Happiness and How to Delight Your Customers?

Customer happiness is pre-requisite for customer satisfaction and is vital for successful businesses. Explore various means to improve customer delight.

What is Customer Happiness and How to Delight Your Customers?

Wednesday June 05, 2019,

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In general, a customer is happy when he is completely satisfied with the product and has absolutely no issues associated with it. Top players know how to keep their customers satisfied all the time. They lend utmost importance to customer satisfaction and maintain optimum satisfaction levels all the time for safeguarding the reputation of the brand. Here the customer happiness app comes in handy and allows businesses gather core customer insights. It is not an exaggeration to say that customer happiness forms the backbone of a successful business. Apart, customer satisfaction helps retain loyal customers and increase customer engagement. It is quite expensive to acquire new customers than to retain old customers. 

Revenue and conversion rates are not the only means for a great business, but you must be proactive enough to keep your customers happy. Loyal customers are the prime contributors of revenue to the businesses, hence they go above and beyond for successful revenue generation. 

How to Improve Customer’s Delight?

Pay Attention to What Your Customers Say: Your customers are always looking for the assistance of some sort related to the product/Service. However, it does not mean embarrassing the customers by constantly following them and intruding their personal space. Give the opportunity to listen to your customer grievances and do something positive about it. This in a way helps build a positive rapport and build relationships. Consider yourself as an expert and educate and empower the customers to understand your business in a new way.

A Personalized Touch Matters a Lot: Ensure to keep the customer engagement a notch higher with a little personal touch. It leads to the strengthening of the bond and forms a relationship between you and your customer. After the purchase of the product/ service, you can call them, initially enquire about their well being and then you can inquire about the product/service. You need to check if they are satisfied with the product. It offers dual benefits; you can capture customer feedback and simultaneously, you can also make them feel valued.

Gratitude Goes a Long Way: Customers are the most valuable resource for businesses for generating decent profits. Regularly capture feedback using customer feedback app and implement necessary action to resolve the pain points and keep them satisfied all the time. Make sure to thank them; indulge in creative ways to express gratitude. It would involve making a call on special occasions or offering a discount coupon. The ultimate motive is to delight customers; happy customers are more likely to share the feedback via word of mouth and also share the feedback across various social media channels. 

Stand On Your Promises: Never make or commit false promises with the customers. You can sell your product once with your false promises but that leads to customer churn and you are most likely to lose the customer forever. The customer feels irritated and cheated and never wants to return to the business. Besides, the customer is more likely to leave a negative review online or on various social media channels damaging the brand reputation.

Reward Your Loyal Customers: Gaining loyal customers is one thing and retaining them for long periods is another challenge. Make sure to offer special privileges to loyal customers like special offers, exclusive discounts, shopping vouchers, and redeemable loyalty points. Just make sure to keep the thing entertaining, tasteful and fun. 

Keep a Close Watch on Social Media: In this modern era, people spend most of their time on smartphones and in particular the social media. The customers use social media to vent their feelings be it positive or negative. By carefully monitoring the feedback posted by customers on social media channels, businesses can know the shortcomings and take necessary steps in this direction for better customer service. Respond to customer grievances instantly and build a positive relationship.

Personalize Your Communications: Personalizing customer communications is a great way to connect with your customers and make them happy. Think creatively and include personalized messages in marketing campaigns. You can include first name, last name, office details and so on. You can also add personalized questions to the surveys, sending out different survey to every customer.