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What is IoT? How Does Internet of Things works?

What is IoT? How Does Internet of Things works?

Monday January 14, 2019,

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We are in the 21st century, where year 2019 has marked its presence in our lives.

The new world has adapted into the technological world, where machines use to speak and on the behalf of the human beings appliances act.  Now, each and every device of the house and enterprise is enabled to connect with the seamless connectivity from AC, television, home security, video call to garage door system. The connectivity of the devices is possible via Internet of things.

As the years pass, the living style of the humans has been changed completely. Yes, it is modified. With the help of the internet of things development services, the ordinary planet has changed in transcendent era where homes turned into smart homes and workflow of enterprises turned into increasement of productivity.

In this article, we brought all in depth info about IoT and how it works.

Internet of Things (IoT)

What is IoT?

In simple words, IoT solution and services have redefined our lives and it is a best digital innovation in human lives.

Basically, the technology, internet of things is based on a concept of inter-connectivity of different physical devices and act according to the reliability of the humans.  In the world of IoT, everything can be connected and communicate in an intelligent manner.

This technology includes an array of smart devices, which transmits data and track information and act as per  the situation. It turns the world into a big information system along with this, it reduces the human effort. Furthermore,  The IoT apps have an ability to enhance human lives and turn it into easier and faster.

In this, food can be cooked and heated in the microwaves and it itself give alert in the form of alarm to the humans. It offers, self driving cars to wearable fitness devices to measure your heart beats and fitness, smart locks. And there are many more examples. It has shown its impact in every field, including business to homes. Hence, it turns homes into smart homes and working place in smart and productive business.

How internet of thing works?

The whole process of IoT is based on the four different components:

  1. Sensors/ Devices
  2. Connectivity
  3. Data Processing
  4. User Interface

Sensors/ Devices: It is the foremost step, in this the sensors and devices collects real time data or information  from their particular ecosystem. Hence, multiple sensors are turned as a part of the device.

For example: A mobile phone is a device and its sensors would be camera, accelerometer, GPS.

In the first step, the data have been collected from the environment for anything and it might decide to send the alert or automatically set the sensor/device as per the user needs.

Connectivity: This is the second step of working of IoT. In this, The sensors or devices are enabled to interconnect to the cloud by various methods which includes:

  • Bluetooth
  • Low Power
  • Wifi
  • Wide area network (LPWAN)

The best connectivity option is based on the specific IoT application, or user can opt for the different connectivity and they will all perform the same task, their role will be to connect the data to the cloud.

Data Processing: As soon as the data connect to the cloud, the software immediately starts performing the process. This process can be easy as well as sometimes complex also.

As reading the temperature is a simpler task, whereas using computer vision for video to identify objects (such as intruders in your house) can be difficult.

User Interface: The information is useful to the end user, It alerts the user in various format in the form of (Email, text, notification etc.).

On the other side, it may be possible that the user has an interface which allows them to check. A user has full right to view that how the hardwares are working via their mobile application or web browser. Even the user can instruct in between the products and devices and it may interrupt the whole IoT system. It can automatically notify the relevant authorities

Hence, with the help of internet protocol, the similar protocols can identify the same devices and are enabled to have a conversation among themselves.  

Why is internet of things important?

Internet of things is playing a vital role in our lives and has become the part of the numerous industry. It has changed the working of every industry, including agriculture, health care, retail, banking etc. The IoT hardware has emerged and playing the important role in the following ways.

Remote Access: Users are enabled to instruct the appliances by wireless remotes. It makes the working and access easier towards the functionality. This enabled to control the hardware on the fingertips. The IoT developers have designed the apps in such a way that by the smart phones or remote user can control  water usage, lawn care, garage doors, grocery , shopping, working AC, home security etc.

Safety and Security: Smart homes and offices don’t allow to have any accidents in the place. It keeps your loved ones safe and secure.

With the advent of the IoT technology:

  • The doors of the offices and homes can be locked with the smart locks and people don’t have to face any hurdle of the keys.
  • It brings Security stayed alarms, if there is any unwanted activity. It helps to alert the user.
  • Cameras can be monitored from the smart phones or laptops from homes as well as offices.
  • Create a safer and secure environment.

Better Quality of Life: It offers the best quality of lives to the human beings. This technology increase comforts, management,  convenience and secure lives of the humans.

Saves time and Efficiency: The machine to machine communication provides better efficiency and it results in a faster working process. It reduces the human efforts and the repeated human beings task can be managed by IoT software. It brings the inner creativity of the human beings.

Cost Effective and Saves Energy: The technology helps a lot in saving the energy.  It saves the resources as it decreases the unwanted use of resources and smart technologies reduces energy and money. Timers and monitors  perform in such a way and utilize the resources as much as you want, it disabled the unwanted resources and they are active only when a user is present in the particular space. If the unwanted usage decreases, so it automatically saves money and this technology turns into a cost effective.



The Internet of things is storming the world and it has changed the surrounding of human beings. The style of working and living has been changed and the demand of the IoT app development companies has increased across the world. Human beings are putting their full efforts to change their homes into smart homes and even in business, this technology has shown its magic and bring the upliftment through the increment in the productivity. On the other side, Experts have declared the enchantment will be soon noticed in this technology, and it is going to improve human lives more and bring more comfort.

This fact cannot be ignored that, the advent of IoT has taken the human lives at the next level.