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What lawyers should know about digital marketing and SEO

What lawyers should know about digital marketing and SEO

Monday September 24, 2018,

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Digital marketing and SEO – these are two dominant trends in the market today. These are actually more than just trends now. As a matter of the fact, they have become necessary for anyone who wants to show their online presence. For the e-Commerce businesses, it is not a new thing. But, some of the service providers may not have the proper information about the digital marketing and SEO services. Lawyers are one of the major service providers today who need to know about digital marketing and SEO services. Today, when there is a trend among the internet users to search everything on Google, it is quite obvious that lawyers get more and more business with the help of digital marketing and SEO services.

As a matter of the fact, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is not something different from digital marketing. Actually, it is a major part of digital marketing. Some more aspects of digital marketing include email marketing, social media marketing, PPC campaign, and content. Sometimes, the name of SEO is taken individual, because it is the major part of digital marketing and all other aspects revolve around it.

Let’s come back to the topic, which is the significance of digital marketing and SEO for lawyers. Many of the lawyers may not be aware of these services, but the fact cannot be denied that a large number of individuals search the internet to hire a lawyer. The legal services are not the types of services, which are required by the people on an everyday basis. So, for a number of families or individuals, these services are the things about which they are totally unaware. Therefore, they take the help of Google search in order to get the services of the lawyers.

So, the lawyers must know about digital marketing and SEO services in order to get the proper promotion of their enterprise. Here are some of the aspects, which they can know in order to take their enterprises at heights.

Basics of SEO for Lawyers

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is the way through which the ranking of the website is increased on Google. The very basic thing of SEO process is the keyword. Some phrases are linked with your website, which comes at the top results on Google. No website can be at top ranking at every phrase. Therefore, some keywords are researched which could make your website visible for the users who search for the services you offer. These keywords are added to the content on the website as well as the content on the external websites.

The keyword research is done in different ways. The first thing is your own understanding of the field. You can easily think about what people may probably search for the legal services in your area. For instance, suppose you are offering the legal services in New York then the generic keywords might be “lawyers in New York”, “lawyer New York”, “legal services in New York” and more.

Besides, there can also be the specific keyword for some specific domains of legal services. For instance, if your firm is specialized in divorce cases, or you want to attract the audiences who are willing to find the services for divorce cases then the keywords can be like “divorce cases in New York”, “divorce lawyers New York” and many others.

The other way to search the keywords is the availability of the tools for the keyword research. There are several websites, which analyze your website and find which keywords are perfect for your website promotion. Google itself provides Google keyword planner with the help of which you can get a large list of keywords suitable for the promotion of your website. You need to select the right keywords according to the requirements.

One more aspect for the keyword research is to type a few keywords in Google search and Google will suggest some of the appropriate keywords, which the users often search. For example, you just enter “lawyers New York” and you will get a big list of the keywords required for the purpose. The backlinks are created with these keywords, which provide more traffic to your website plus increase its popularity that is further helpful in raising the ranking of your website.

Apart from the keyword research, another procedure of SEO is adding Meta description. The meta description is added in the coding part of the page and not in the main content. When you visit a website, you can see this part by clicking “view source”. Meta description summarizes the page content. You can mention the keywords and some other things that describe the page in the description, which helps in taking your website to the top ranking.

Basics of Digital Marketing for Lawyers

As a matter of the fact, SEO is also a part of digital marketing, about which we have talked comprehensively in the above description. But, there are some other aspects also which are a part of digital marketing. Everything that is done to promote the business through online medium falls under the category of digital marketing. But, you need to remember that the method you are using should be genuine. But the methods which are not ethical cannot be a part of digital marketing and Google has penalized a number of websites, which had used these methods in the past. One example we can take is using unrelated keywords during the SEO process. Suppose someone is searching the legal services in Washington and you have used the keyword legal services Washington whereas it is for legal services in New York with a false hope that some people from Washington may come to you. It is like a cheating with the users.

Apart from SEO, there are four other aspects of digital marketing, which include:

Email Marketing: In email marketing, you broadcast the emails to the groups telling them about your services. You need to create the professional emails and send them to the people who you think can obtain your services.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is one of the biggest trends of digital marketing for the promotion of enterprises. The social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram are the favorite sources of a number of individuals to be in touch with the loved ones as well as with the people with similar interests across the globe. This trend has given birth to social media marketing.

The social media marketing involves the marketing of products, services or the business itself through the website. The pages and groups are created, which represent your firm. Also the promotion is done in different groups. A customer avatar is also created in order to be in touch with other customers and pages. A number of posts are added to the social media websites containing written content, images, videos, graphics, links and more. In addition, quizzes are conducted; informative posts are included in order to engage the audiences. Your posts are further shared by other users and in this way; your enterprise comes in the visibility of plenty of audiences. Besides, social media marketing is also helpful in SEO process. It provides the backlinks to your websites, which further results in giving a good rank to your website. For legal services, a number of surveys are conducted that help you in understanding people’s inclinations, their problems and a lot more.

Content Marketing: Building great content – this is the thing that Google likes a lot. According to the new updates, the websites whose rankings are dropped can get their rankings back in future by building great content without any second thought. This indicates the significance of content. Your content should be information rich and it should be written in a way that could engage the audiences. This content is further posted on the business websites, blog spaces, social media sites and more. The content is added with the appropriate keywords, which helps in raising the ranking of your websites on the basis of those keywords. This is why it is popular that SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. In the content related to the lawyers, you can provide the relevant information to the users about the laws, sections, court judgments and a lot more. There are a number of users who have an interest in these types of information. So, many of them, even if they have no requirement of legal services can also be your customers in the coming time. 

PPC Campaign: If other things do not work or you want your website to be visible in front of users since the beginning then PPC campaigns are the perfect solutions for you. PPC refers to Pay-per-Click, and this is the procedure, in which you pay the money to display the advertisements on Google. When someone searches for the products with the keywords, which are set in your PPC campaign, the ad of your website is displayed at the top of or on the side of the search page. When someone clicks on the link of your website through that ad, you are charged. PPC also helps you in increasing the popularity of your website, which is further helpful in SEO process.

Local SEO & SMO

Local SEO & SMO are important for the lawyers or law firms because the legal services are often obtained by the individuals living in the local areas where you have your law unit. So, it remains the best idea to approach people who live in the nearby areas of your law units. Appropriate mapping is done in case of local SEO, so your unit is displayed at the top when someone from your area searches for the law services. Similarly, you can find the local clients with the help of social media services. It becomes easier for you to directly get in touch with the local people seeking the legal aid.

Summing Up

These are some aspects, which help you in making your legal services popular. You can hire the digital marketing firms whenever you need any of these services. We also offer the services for the lawyers to give a boom to their website. You can contact us in case of any digital marketing requirements.