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Friday October 26, 2018,

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What to do when a film crew comes and rearranges the office building - as he pleases? It's not that bad. Flexibility is one of the keywords! When the team of film production approaches, it can happen that rooms are being redecorated.

The fact that we move a few items does not mean that it is not nice for you! On the contrary! It will simply set up a matching image for you to get the best result. Flexibility, passion and patience are required of everyone. Just think about the preparation: What is the world allowed to see and what not? Secret documents, customer names or similar? Put it in the closet!


Often, a proper environment must be created for a video shoot. However, this constructed solution should be realistic and authentic! Here it is important that performers and location can be flexibly adapted. We do not want to twist the facts, but put the facts in the right light, to offer the viewer an added value.


Enthusiastic performers are the basis of every film. The more the actors are convinced of what they do, the more they will put their energy and passion into the project. Thus, credibility is associated with the viewer. Only by symphytic performers, the audience can be picked up emotionally, an appealing image and an exciting plot are underlined.


Many components play an important role in a best film production. Actors, image sharpness, camera movements, external influences, sounds and much more. Therefore, it is very likely that one of the most-said exclamations on a shooting day is "And please!", Which symbolizes the running of the camera. Scenes and sequences usually need to be rotated several times to appear authentic and visually flawless. For the contributors of a film, this can often be exhausting and exhausting. Therefore, another important consideration is patience, then it will make everyone a lot of fun right to the end!

The internalization of these three properties is therefore a prerequisite on the set. However, there are also two key aspects involved when it comes to visualizing the video. Appearance and mask stretch the frame to create an effective movie.


To avoid a so-called moiré effect. the "dress code" applies: everything except stripes and small checks! These would cause the performers to dance up and down in the video because of all the flickering. For a clear appearance, it is therefore advisable to do without.


So that employees and performers feel comfortable in front of the camera and can also shine dramatically, our make-up artist works out the individual advantages of each character. Whether hair or make-up - professionally styled you feel the same as in Hollywood.

As soon as we get a neat and tidy picture in front of the lens we are satisfied - so that in the end you will be satisfied and happy. Because it is important that the persons to be filmed transport the desired message accordingly.

As far as all this has been complied with, not too much can go wrong. Generally speaking, the fewer people, the better!

We are sure to draw attention to ourselves, but we do not disturb the process. Here again a checklist, so that a smooth film production can be guaranteed.

Checklist of our crew: 
  • - Are performers and rooms flexibly "bookable"? 
  • - is everything "disappeared" which may not be in the picture? 
  • - Are the actors motivated? 
  • - All contributors are enlightened and know how to behave on the set? 
  • - Is everyone aware that video production takes time? 
  • - Is every employee properly dressed? 
  • - Striped clothing was banished from the set? 
  • - Performers agree that a make-up artist lends a hand?