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Why Customer's Feedback Is Very Essential For Restaurants & Hotels

By vyshnavi b|8th Apr 2019
Customer feedback app will give hotels and restaurants complete freedom when engaging customers and also flexibility on when and how to collect feedback.
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Customer feedback is of the vital importance and constitutes the heart of every successful business.

In the hospitality industry, without satisfied and happy customers, it would be impossible for hotels and restaurants to be successful and constantly grow.

piHappiness customer feedback app gives your hotel and restaurant the tool through which you can effectively collect reviews, opinions or any data that is important to your business.

A versatile online customer feedback app or system for hotels and restaurants helps build stronger relationships with guests and customers. piHappiness customer feedback app is packed with robust features and gives complete freedom to the hotels and restaurants when it comes to engaging with customers.

Customer feedback will adapt naturally with hotel and restaurant operations, enhance overall customer service, and provide a strong community for future success.

Benefits of Hotel & Restaurant Feedback App Software

Direct Customer Engagement: Majority of the time, it is hard for management to connect with customers, piHappiness will bring you closer to your customers, and management can directly hear what customers have to say.

Customer Retention: piHappiness can help in retaining maximum number of customers by detecting hidden issues in products or services. Certain issues are hard to detect with traditional feedback methods and can lead to lose of customers.

Positive Customer Service: Giving your customers with unique feedback options shows that you care about your customers and want to hear what they have to say. This gives a positive impact on customers knowing that their feedback is taken seriously and further allow them to be honest when they give their feedback.

Reputation Management: Timely feedback that leads to better customer services allows your brand to keep a positive image in the market. The constant evolution of product and services gives your brand a better reputation in the eyes of the customers.

Connect with Your Guest While they are Still on Property: Using piHappiness on Tablet or Kiosk you can get feedback while the guest is still in property. This allows the hotel management to acknowledge the praise, or address the complaint, before the hotel guest checks out. Thus getting more happy guests, improved online reviews, and increase hotel revenues!

Increase Positive Reviews on Review Websites: The system can be configured in a way that if there is a positive review, the user is prompted to share the same on Hotel Review website like Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck or any local hotel review website. In case of negative feedback the guest will not be prompted to share the feedback on such public domains.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: With constant evolution of product and services and keeping in constant touch with your customers allows you to stay ahead of the competition.

Reports Anywhere: Monitor progress of various survey and results with up-to-minute online reports highlighting results in easy-to-understand GUI.

Accountability: Keep track of all the responses and emails sent from the system by different departments and staff. This helps the management to keep track of responses department wise, who is taking appropriate actions for complains and overall responsibility.

Features of piHappiness Hotel & Restaurant Feedback App

Customizable Surveys: Create your own survey with customized forms according to the specific requirements relating to the products and services offered by your establishment.

Comment Section: Comment section allows your customers to enter personal message or opinion about your product and service giving you a different viewpoint that may not be reflected on the feedback form.

Multilingual Feedback: The feedback forms can be generated in different languages allowing your customers to give feedback in their preferred language.

Branding: Keep your hotel and restaurant branding strong with piHappiness theme support that enables you to customize the total look and feel according to your own brand. Clients will only see your hotel and restaurant brand which will create stronger brand loyalty.

Reports & Analytics: Multiple report types can be generated in the system for accurate analysis and better understanding of your customer behavior.

Instant Alert via Email & SMS: piHappiness will automatically send an Email and SMS to the concerned department when a customer gives a negative feedback.

Social Media Integration: piHappiness is integrated with various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. allowing you to publish the results of the feedback form on your social network page.

Backup: Automatic backup for all the data collected which can be restored easily without any hassles.

Who can use piHappiness Hotel & Restaurant Feedback App?

Department Wise Surveys: Every department plays an important role in creating overall impression on customer for their brand name and reputation. piHappiness lets you create department wise surveys to keep track of your hotel's overall performance.

Management/Owners: Track overall performance of hotel and various departments with advanced reports highlighting customer service and brand which helps management or owners to drive occupancy and keeping guests coming back to the hotel.

Regional and Branch: Hotel chains might have more than few properties across various regions providing different set of services. piHappiness allows you to create unique surveys which are specific to that particular hotel and keeps better track of overall performance.

Front Office: It is vital for hotel to keep track of guest's experience with the staff during reservation, information, travel desk, lobby, and guest check in and check out. piHappiness you can create surveys keeping track of all the activities and create special alerts for negative feedback.

Sales & Marketing: Detail reports in piHappiness customer experience software will allow the department to make confident decisions about hotel's brand, local and international operations. Create special surveys to check effectiveness of various campaigns, promotions, and offers and strategize accordingly.

Food and Beverage: Constant feedback from guests regarding the service is very important as various outlets within the hotel require different level of service from the staff and keeping check of the overall quality requires a systematic approach.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping is one of the most common departments which receive the most comments, reviews or feedback from guests. piHappiness will allow you to set up special group of housekeeping and set an email and SMS alert for the department.

Human Resources: piHappiness restaurant feedback app can also be used internally for maintaining records of staff members and their performance individually or department wise. The HR department can use the data collected for strengthening the team and empowering employees that directly results in better customer service for your guests.

Maintenance: Instant feedback system within your hotel, guests can immediately provide what went wrong in which room or anywhere else notifying the maintenance department to swing into action and fix issues immediately.

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