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Why Enterprises Choose WordPress for Futuristic Web App Development?

You probably ask what WordPress is and why many companies are using this platform for the development of web apps. Continue reading

Why Enterprises Choose WordPress for Futuristic Web App Development?

Tuesday September 18, 2018,

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It's hard to believe, but only 53 per cent of small businesses have their own web apps. Believe it or not, 19 per cent of companies claim that they do not have a web app to avoid unnecessary waste. The rest more straightforward in their expansion plans understand in fact the web app can be launched in less than one hundred dollars. Sound fruitful, doesn’t it?

 You probably ask what WordPress is and why many companies are using this platform for the development of web apps. Continue reading.


 What is WordPress?

 WordPress is simply the best content management system available today. It allows you to easily create, edit and manage published content on your site without having to learn programming.

 Today, WordPress runs more than twenty-five percent of sites on the Web.

 Contrary to popular belief, WordPress is not just a platform for blogging. You can also use WordPress for business websites, create commercial sites, online stores, professional portfolios and much more. You need just to use your imagination.

 Why use WordPress? There are many reasons. Here are a few of them.

 Save money

 Usually hiring a developer to make a website on HTML can cost from a few thousand to dozens. Add to this the first costs for hosting and support of the site and you will have an already round amount.

 It is for this reason that many people prefer to use WordPress for their business. Spend this money better, might be on marketing. Hiring developers to create a large HTML site or a Web app can make sense, if you have a really serious business - for everything else use WordPress.

 Thousands of templates to choose from

 One of the reasons why so many people like WordPress is that the platform gives you access to thousands of beautiful templates for a variety of types of sites. For example, if you plan to create a niche site, say, for a site of a building company or a beauty salon, you can quickly and easily find the template you need.

 The ability to download the site using plugins

 WordPress plugins allow you to expand the site. Using these plugins, you can create a contact page for your site, add a payment system, improve search engine optimization,

 Add an additional layer of security and even create landing pages - and it's all in a few clicks. There are over 43,000 plugins available in the official WordPress database. So you will have plenty of options to expand your site.

 Configure in five minutes

 Installing WordPress is like walking in a park - just as simple and easy. In order for everything to work you just five minutes. Most hosts offer one-click installs that allow you to install WordPress in a couple of minutes. There are also tariffs, where the hosting company will install the site for you.

 Continuous support and updates

 WordPress is open source software, but at the same time it offers a great user experience. This is one of many reasons, why WordPress is preferred by millions of users around the world.

 If you run into any problem, their experts will always help you figure it out. Also, the system is updated annually, introducing useful changes - and it's completely free. Do you think an independent developer or designer that will in future offer updates for free?

 Mobile Device Support

 WordPress is fully optimized for all mobile platforms and screen sizes. Unlike the HTML-site, you do not have to create a separate version of your resource for smartphones and tablets. WordPress templates are already optimized for mobile screens - especially premium templates.

 Integration of third-party services

 Whether it's a payment system or an automatic backup system, WordPress gives you complete freedom to work with third-party services and applications - you do not need to hire a web developer. And thanks to the appropriate plug-ins, it will not be difficult for you to do this.


 The company behind this engine has plans for the years ahead. Therefore, your web app will remain relevant and in time will become better and better. I truly believe, and you can notice not only me, with WordPress, the possibilities for your web app are simply limitless. Pay for WordPress and enjoy amazing results. Once you try WordPress, you will never want to go back to HTML.