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Why Every Startup Needs a Mobile App?

Why Every Startup Needs a Mobile App?

Monday March 04, 2019,

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Why Every Startup Need a Mobile App?

We all are aware of the fact the world is transforming into a hub of innovative technologies rapidly. Previously, it was impossible to think that we can perform the transactions without cash. Not only the technology has made it easier for us to make payments but impacted our lives in every manner both personally and professionally. Most of entrepreneurs believe that mobile applications play the biggest role here. This is one of the key reasons behind the mounting demand for app development agencies across the globe. No matter how small your business is, a perfect app can bring a huge change in it.

Key Facts

  •  As per the business viewpoint, around 52.2% of the online web traffic comes through mobile phones globally.
  •  The time devoted to phones has been boosted by 57% within a few years
  •  Approximately, 80% of people use mobile devices via utilizing mobile applications

5 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs an App?

If I talk about the importance of an app, then the list is quite long. App developers always try to offer some new and advanced features for boosting a startup business. However, these key factors make the app crucial for your business:

Why Every Startup Need a Mobile App?

Brand Presence  

It totally relies on the type of business that you are accessing. However, generally, user engagement is one of the best tricks to grow your business. This is possible with an impeccable mobile application, as once it is launched; there is no need to wait for the web page to load. What is significant is the way an app behaves, its functionality, and looks.

Push Notifications

Whether utilized to notify the users regarding an extra functionality or a fresh offering, these push notifications are considered to be an immense method for spreading the news. This feature ensures that you reach your target audience to make effortlessly. However, don’t make them annoying.

Track Users’ Interests

With websites, you can make use of heat mapping, as well as data recording, calculate the bounce rate, etc. Mobile apps offer you the similar functionalities. By considering which section in the app is utilized quite often, it is possible to control message, in order to fulfill the expectations of users.

Add Innovations

When I say that a mobile app can make your business is innovative and modern that doesn’t mean that without it you are not digital sound. Nevertheless, if you really want to take your business a level up, then mobile apps are the best tools.

Better Revenue

To effectively act together with your users, you are required to give the most competent platform to them. App serves as the greatest and most expedient podium for the users, in order to figure out about a brand, along with their product. This seamless procedure assists in growing the exchange rate that ultimately enhances the complete profits of the business.

The Bottom Line

Hope by now you have understood the significance of apps for your startup. Therefore, you must start thinking about the implementation of your idea. Either you develop with the help of your in-house team or hire a team of experts with experience of building apps for different domains. If you are thinking to opt for the later one, then Fluper can help you out. It is leading iOS or Android app Development Company available in the market to offer you the best solutions. For more info, visit their official website.