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What Are The Best Features Of Financial Management Software?

What Are The Best Features Of Financial Management Software?

Friday August 23, 2019,

5 min Read

In today's time, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is considered one of the most powerful solutions for data management. Many firms, small and large, are relying on ERP systems for infrastructure integration, automation, and data analysis. Though there are several ERP systems available in the market, ERP financial systems can be tailored for catering to the unique requirements of the industry. Whether you want to solve any accounting errors or you want to plan your future investments, you can rely on an effective ERP system to solve your concerns. It is myth that ERP software is only for giant business organizations, as today, small scale businesses can also integrate an ERP system within their budget. If you have no idea which ERP system would work best for your business and bring you the expected results, then here are the top features that you need to look for in any ERP system.

Financial Management Software

Here is the list of the most basic and equally important ERP features to look for:


Perfect integration of an ERP system is crucial as it is one of the significant features that make it stand apart from other types of software. You may find other solutions claiming their ability to integrate with other software, but financial management software is a suite of applications developed for harmonious performance. The perfect integration means that the ERP system will work together with its full potential.

Data analysis:

ERP system collects data from all your business functions and analyzes it to find patterns and trends in your overall operations. The accurately analyzed data is crucial for any company. Several tricky tasks can be accomplished with perfection, and it is also instrumental in making future decisions. Accurate business forecasting is one of the major benefits of an ERP system.

What are business areas covered in data analysis?

  • Client data
  • Sales data
  • Production data
  • Ledgers
  • And much more

In simple terms, data analysis allows you to predict demand and create a budget accordingly. ERP software gives access to vital business information and tools to track the overall productivity and efficiency of the company.


A company needs comprehensive management on the financial aspects of the business. An ERP accounting software comes with highly compatible accounting tools. ERP software can make your accounting process clean and smooth. Managing different accounting processes such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, tax management, capital, fixed asset management, and risk management are much more comfortable. Several ERP systems also contain feature of managing multiple currencies and tax regulations of different countries.

When you have reputed accounting software for enterprise integrated, you can rely on it for managing every aspect of sales and revenues of your company. The reliable tools of accounting software will allow you to automate several processes.

What can accounting functions be automated with an ERP system?

  • Purchase and sales management
  • Expense management
  • Sales analysis
  • Payment processing
  • And more

The features can be highly beneficial for any business as they directly contribute to saving time and money. It reduces workloads from your employees with improved accuracy and processing time.

ERP system's reporting


When it comes to ERP system's reporting, many confuse it with analysis, but there is a clear difference between both the functions. Data analysis charts are used for internal purposes as well as showing to the clients or shareholders. While reports are usually confidential. The reports of the company's financial condition are available only to the authorized persons. The analyzed data is available in different forms, such as pie charts, graphs, and Gantt charts.

The reports are accurate, in detailed, intuitive, actionable, and relevant. The reports also include every error and inconsistency in performance or production. Any questionable process can be traced and corrected. The ERP financial systems empower businesses to target their weaknesses and overcome it with stronger performance over time.


In today's time, an ERP system is the most powerful data management solution. Everything a company needs to achieve its goals is available within an integrated framework. The automated data-driven processes and data analysis leverage organizations to achieve their goals.

The essential features of any ERP system are integration, accounting, data analysis, and reporting. You can also find a custom solution for your catering your unique business requirements. ERP systems are available for small, medium, and large scale organizations. All you need to do is to find a financial management software which is perfect for your business.

At the time of selecting the ERP software for your company, you need to ensure that it has all the features to cater to your business needs. You also need to ensure that the ERP system you get also has quality customer support as you might need assistance during the initial stage. Before you make the final decision of installing an ERP system, you should check out these features as well as the features that may help you to make different operational areas of your business error free.