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Why Everyone chooses Node.js for Building E-Commerce Websites?

Why Node.js For E-Commerce Website Development?

Why Everyone chooses Node.js for Building E-Commerce Websites?

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

13 min Read

Node.js For E-Commerce Website

As the trend of the digital revolution has crept in our lives, it has managed to redefine how we perform our day-to-day activities. 

When it comes to the commercial world, it is rather uncommon to find anyone who 'hasn't taken their enterprise online. After all, online is the place to be.

Companies these days are shifting online for several reasons – higher popularity and better promotion being a few. 

The idea is to attract a relatively higher number of customers with the help of the internet. 

The more the number of visitors on your page, the higher the probability of them purchasing some goods or services and subsequently higher success rates. 

But what attracts the visitor to the website in the first place?

Several features constitute an excellent e-commerce website. The experience of the user is of paramount importance because the product dealings depend from site-to-site. 

Besides, online customers, these days do not have the patience or the time to spend any longer than a few minutes on purchasing from digital commerce sites, which is why they are there and not venturing out into the store in the first place. 

Let us have a look at what other characteristics a good e-commerce website needs to possess.

Characteristics of a Good E-Commerce Website

Features Of E-Commerce Website

1. Lesser Time Is Taken to Load Pages

Nobody, not even the most patient of online customers, would want to sit before a screen that takes any longer than a few seconds to buffer. 

A delay that crosses more than the acceptable waiting time has higher chances of leading to shutting down the website even before purchasing anything. 

This is something you do not want your Node JS Development Company to end up as. The best websites, especially when it comes to e-commerce, are the ones that take minimal time to load pages. 

There might be multiple pages on a site that a potential customer would be interested in browsing – various products, information about offers and discounts, terms and other conditions of shopping from the website and additional such relevant information. 

The lesser the time is taken to hop from one of these pages to the different needs to be as little as possible.

2. Clear Terms and Policies

The terms and policies of any e-commerce website are one of the crucial elements of the business venture itself. 

Besides, from the customer point of view, the experience of purchasing anything from a website only gets better as the hassles decrease and organization in structure improves. 

Stating out clearly the terms and conditions or the policies is an essential step in ensuring there are no loopholes in the business structure. 

At the same time, the customer gets a bonus of having a legal basis for any of his activities. 

In return, what is won is the trust and confidence of the customer, who will keep coming back to the website again and again for shopping purposes.

3. Quicker Response to User Requests

The average user, who has limited time dedicated to browsing items and placing orders for shopping, does not want to waste any time in delayed responses to his requests. 

Customers would prefer a website that is faster in terms of interaction and response. 

Who would want to spend time on a website when there can be other speedy websites for purchasing similar products and services elsewhere? After all, when it comes to e-commerce, time indeed is money.

Besides, customers may have a lot of queries which they would want a quick response to. E-commerce websites are always loaded with questions on product descriptions, performance or other agendas like product delivery, returns, and so on. 

The online customer has little patience when compared to their real-world selves, and would want everything to be on their fingertips.

4. Easy Navigation

One of the most important aspects of any website would be the navigation experience it has to offer. 

How easily the customer can land up where he wants to and how easily he can look for the product he wishes for and is led to options that might interest him on similar lines speaks of the efficiency of the website. 

There can be multiple products, product categories, and related information about them for the site to offer. 

The customer might get attracted to the number and diversity of products on a platform, but it is really of no use until and unless navigation through these pages and items is easy enough.

E-commerce has always had the advantage of attracting a higher number of customers when compared to real-world stores and shops simultaneously. 

This means a considerable amount of online customers could use any website at a given time. 

In such a scenario, the website must be able to cater to the full range of customer demands and needs most efficiently. This is possible only when they have the benefit of good navigation.

5. Effective Search Option

One of the most common problems many e-commerce websites have these days is not having the facility of active searching. 

A customer might, at times, not know the exact name or specifics of the product he wants. 

He might not even be sure of what he wants to buy when he first ventures out to shop online. He might have a vague idea of his needs or might know of a similar product.

The e-commerce website should get designed in such a way that it provides the customer with all necessary information in a stepwise manner. 

The search option within the website should be amply effective in the sense that it should lead the customer to the closest possible products based on the words he enters. 

The search results must be displayed in an organized fashion, for no customer wants to land upon a result page that is more confusing than what he has in his mind in the first place. 

The website must also have the feature to record or analyze these searches by the customer to lead him to similar products based on his recorded interest. 

This is one upper hand the e-commerce websites have over their real-world counterparts in the form of stores and shops. 

Sites have the power of influencing the customer to a greater extent to buy some product with the help of added tools and techniques, useful search, and results being one of them.

Node.js – a Perfect Tool to Realize the Dream Website

There indeed are many requirements that go into the building of a successful e-commerce website. 

Such a massive number of features would require an equally competent source for its set-up and design. 

Node.js, a runtime environment based on 'Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, is the perfect tool to realize this need for a great e-commerce website.

That is the reason why you should opt for Node.js In Web App Development.

Why Node.js Is an Ideal Choice?

Out of the many powerful tools and technologies that were competing for fame and success until a few years back, JavaScript emerged as the best, and for a good reason. 

No doubt it has been dubbed by many as the most important programming language in the world today. The kind of advancement and communication the language possesses is unmatched compared to its other contemporaries. 

Node.js is a product of the same platform and owes half of its popularity and efficiency to its JavaScript engine. 

It is an open-sourced cross-platform that essentially helps JavaScript execute code on the server-side. 

What this means is that the coding platform has the dual ability to execute equally on both the client and the server-side. 

For an e-commerce website, this becomes a bonus, for it ensures effective speedy performance on both the customer's side and on the side of the company whose website it is.

Importance Of Node.js

1. Unmatchable Speed

The numero uno feature which sets us talking about the Node.js platform is its feature of unmatchable speed and rapidity when it comes to executing codes on both the server and the client-side. 

Any e-commerce site, as illustrated above, requires speedy dealings – be it the customer's searches and transactions, or the company's update about the latest products on the block – speed is the ultimate requirement.

In such a scenario, Node.js emerges as the winner for it offers impressive speed, thanks to its JavaScript native code execution. 

Companies would prefer to use Node.js if they are in search of a super-speedy suite. The event-based nature of the I/O chain of the platform, paired with its non-blocking kind adds to the rapidity of results achieved through it. 

The results? Your e-commerce website is one of the easiest and speediest on the block. The online customer, who has time for a few seconds of delay, to say the least, is automatically attracted to a website that assures speed aside from excellent product quality. 

More and more established companies and even the newest ones in the making are gradually opting for Node.js to achieve the best results when it comes to the development of their e-commerce websites. 

2. The Non-Blocking Code Execution

If it weren't for Node.js's non-blocking I/O model, it wouldn't have been as smooth and clean to use. 

The platform is built to handle asynchronous I/O and manage to process without any delay, which means it removes the possibility of any delay in execution which is a common occurrence when it comes to other contemporaries.

In synchronous processing, sequential code execution takes place because each request blocks a thread on performance. 

Therefore, one thread cannot execute unless the previous gets finished. This leads to some delay in the overall execution. 

Node.js works differently in that it has a system of asynchronous processing, wherein, requests are processed without blocking, leading to much-reduced response time.

This becomes an essential highlight in the case of e-commerce websites, for the site can get loaded with multiple requests by different customers worldwide. 

If the site is to follow the guidelines of synchronous processing, it would mean each customer request would get processed sequentially instead of simultaneously. 

In the absence of simultaneous processing, the entire meaning of having an e-commerce website is lost. Node.js ensures this 'doesn't happen and its non-blocking I/O character is responsible for the speedy nature of all interactions and dealings when using it for a website.

3. Open-Source Platform

Node.js is an open-source technology, which makes it is functioning dynamic and edgy. 

There is no need to mention how rapidly the Node community is growing these days, thanks to the speedy rise in the number of modules in the Node Package Manager (NPM). 

It is one of the best competitors in the league of such platforms. The kind of plugin support it has to offer enables several add-ons.

Applying this to the creation of e-commerce websites, having the open-source platform of Node.js proves worthy because it serves the dual purpose of building trust and confidence as well as the possibility of updating time and again for enriching customer experience. 

The higher the number of updates, the easier it becomes to attract customers to the website. This assures the website's popularity among the masses and the success of the e-commerce websites on the block. 

Commercial sites can also put to use the availability of upgraded tools to embellish and advance their procedures.

4. Lightweight and Flexible

Node.js has achieved a landmark when it comes to being a lightweight technology. This it does by executing small microservices instead of monolithic systems at once. 

The result is that the speed of execution gets magnified to a great extent. The system of using multiple microservices instead of large cores adds to the already existing feature of flexibility for the Node.js platform. 

It improves the functionality of the applications as a whole. When it comes to e-commerce websites, this feature adds to the feathers of its cap. The more flexible the site is the better navigation experience it offers. 

Lightweight processing allows the website to execute faster and thus respond faster to customer requests. For knowing more about it, you can Hire NodeJS Developer from a reputed organization.

5. Popularity Stakes

The Node.js is such a popular and widely-used technology today you find it in the browser, and you find it on the server as well. 

The mechanism of working and the nature of the protocols are similar in both. Besides, the kind of flexibility of execution it assures is of paramount importance.

This increases to a great extent, the scope of data and information exchange, along with the rapid development of HTTP, TCP, and DNS servers. 

This means more and more platforms are available for the creation of e-commerce websites. Node.js is so popular these days that it already reduces half the hassle.

6. Data Streaming

Instead of HTTP requests and responses being considered as isolated events, with Node.js, they are processed as continuous data streams. This ensures easier management when it comes to filing processing and faster loading. 

For an e-commerce website, this becomes a matter of prime importance. For an e-commerce website, data streaming ensures faster uploads and better interactions.

Apart from these characteristics, there are several other features, thanks to the JavaScript engine it uses. This is the prime reason several companies these days are switching online with the help of this platform. 

When it comes to competing with its contemporaries, Node.js does have the upper hand in terms of features and successful performance.

Websites Created with Node.js

These days more and more websites are switching online with Node.js as the support system. 

A website created using the Node.js platform comes in with the following features and facilities:

  1. Rapid page loading because of the lightweight nature of the site and a much more comprehensive work module.
  2. Much more cost-effective because of the feature of reusability and portability of the engine and website code development.
  3. The benefit of useful search and filter options, thanks to the facility of JSON and AJAX communication.
  4. The much lesser time needed for executing of code and hence processing requests.

Several big and small names in the market have the credit of using Node.js in the development of their website. 

Biggies like Walmart are using Node.js, and the reasons are impressive. 

For Walmart, as conveyed by the developers of the 'company's digital life, using Node.js was a matter of high profit and little risk. 

Such a household name like Walmart using the Node.js platform using Node.js itself speaks of the accomplishments and features of the latter.

The facility of a visible backend and the ability to front all the services with the help of the Node is something any e-commerce website would want to look out for. 

Companies like Uber and Microsoft are other names that are known to use Node.js for their functions. A majority of Chinese tech companies, which are quite successful in terms of work, are famous for using this platform.

Node.js is no less than a mega event when it comes to the world of digital commerce. It satisfies all the needs that an e-commerce website looks out for and promises improved performance day-by-day. 

Therefore, the Web Application Development Company should take these things into account. It will help them in the long run.

Be it regular performance or the facility of upgrades – Node.js the ideal choice for building the digital marketplace.