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Why Startups Should Choose Laravel for Web Development

Why Startups Should Choose Laravel for Web Development

Thursday June 13, 2019,

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Laravel for startups

The software industry is ever evolving. If you are a startup looking to stay ahead in the competition, it is essential to put your customers first and give them the best of customer experience. And when you think of the best in web development, the Laravel framework with its myriad benefits can work as an excellent platform.

Laravel is the ideal open source framework startups can choose to have an edge over competitors. From enhancing the interactivity of your website to offering a world-class experience for your customers, you have it all.

Developed by Taylor Otwell in the year 2011, Laravel has emerged as one of the prominent PHP frameworks doing the rounds of the internet. Laravel development services allow developers to build PHP web applications through the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Besides it also makes the whole process of application building simple, fast and seamless - one of the top reasons why Laravel is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Laravel usage statistics

If you are a startup willing to pave new avenues of success, Laravel can be the go-to framework for developing an online portal or e-commerce website for your business. Take a look at its various features and know why Laravel development services can be your ideal choice for web application development. Here's everything you need to know.

1.Easy to learn and use

Laravel based on PHP happens to be the most sought-after server-side scripting language amongst web developers. This makes the whole process of learning and using Laravel very easy. Again, with most startups hiring freshers who (may) lack adequate knowledge and experience, Laravel, can work wonders in training and streamlining your startup business.

2.The aid of community help

With open source technologies revolutionising the way the software industry works, developing and growing a startup has become easier than ever. The community help offered by experienced Laravel experts not only helps solve all the difficulties faced by newbies in the Laravel developer fraternity but also makes them a pro in resolving issues.

After all, with such standardised tips and solutions, any developer can leverage the most out of it. And, if that's not enough, Laravel also has the facility to provide extensive documentation to assist developers in self-learning and improvising with different components of this excellent framework.

3.High adoption rate

The popularity and impeccable technology of Laravel have led to its increase in adoption rate amidst developers. Moreover, with more and more industry verticals choosing to opt for Laravel, it can be a boon for startups looking for experts in the Laravel development company. With such high adoption rates, the startups can get varied options and leverage the expertise of developers easily.

Laravel usage by industry verticals

4.Constant improvement

One of the critical features of Laravel is the continuous updates it offers. With every update, this framework comes up with new features and benefits. The latest update is of the Laravel 5.8.12 which has given startups all the more reasons to adapt to this technology.

Along with a new duplicates () collection method and other new features, fixes, and changes to the framework, it comes with a lot of innovative and dynamic features to help startups kick start like never before. Further, Laravel even can include inbuilt features such as authentication, log in through social media profiles, etc. which makes it suitable for startups.

5.Improved performance

For a startup, it is important to enhance its performance so as to increase its popularity and user base. This is where Laravel can come in handy. With its unique features of multilingual support, optimised security and native support to Memcached and Redis caching systems, it can work wonders for maximising a startup's performance and potential.

Besides, the framework even comes with the feature of eloquent ORM, i.e. object-relational mapper. This feature facilitates working with various databases through Active Record implementation. This, in turn, helps developers in carrying out different database functions without having to brainstorm through complex SQL queries. The Laravel framework is also equipped with Blade template engine that allows developers to make use of plain PHP code that facilitates easy and seamless app development.

6.High-end security

Be it a startup or any other business; top-notch security is something that every company needs to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the customer data. Laravel, with its comprehensive security cover, provides top-notch security again data intrusion activities like SQL injection and cross-site forgery requests.

Moreover, it also can safeguard your code base from various kinds of security threats. In short, Laravel can provide your startup with all-around security solutions and enhance your credibility amidst your user base.

7.Less time consuming

Since there is no use of complicated codes within the Laravel framework, the entire process of the PHP web development gets simplified. This facilitates a more straightforward and quick development of web applications. Moreover, considering that its complete framework is based on the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern, it comprises the whole infrastructure needed to develop a website. This, in turn, can really be a great help in saving you a lot of time.

To put it in other words, a Laravel application can be built in a matter of a few minutes. With the right tools and excellent ideas, Laravel does not only help you create a website faster but, also makes it more stable and easier to maintain. The tasks that would usually take hours of rigorous coding can be completed quickly with pre-built Laravel functions. From basic authentication to cache and form validation, a Laravel framework helps you do it all while making the overall development process effective and efficient.

8.Maximum audience reach

The success of a startup depends a lot on its ability to reach the audience. Laravel, with its high-end features such as multiple platform and multilingual application development support, helps e-commerce businesses and startups in maximising its audience reach and ultimately enhancing the business potential and revenues.

9.Effective traffic management

From acquiring attention to maximising the audience reach, the initial phase of any startup has a lot of struggle. Once the startup gets popularity and starts generating traffic, the struggles remain persistent. Because with more traffic comes the issue of handling a massive number of customer requests per second. This not only increases the hosting cost but, also makes the web server non-responding.

Laravel's unique 'message queue system' also supports effective load balancing and helps to keep your server robust. And all these at the same time while ensuring data integrity and the smooth running of the application.

Over to you

The Laravel framework is consistently witnessing an upsurge in its usage with a whopping top 1 million, top 100k, and top 10k websites making its extensive use. In fact, a huge number of more than 9,341 websites in the United States alone use the Laravel platform for high-end performance. Moreover, the points mentioned above make it quite clear that the potential of Laravel is immense.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Laravel as a new generation framework enhances the overall web development experience of startups, small businesses and enterprises alike. At the same time, Laravel is the talk of the town for developers and startups everywhere. So, if you wish to fulfil your startup's long-term goals and missions, Laravel development services can surely be the way forward.

Have any questions that is stopping you to choose Laravel for web development. Shoot it to us in the comments below.