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Importance of Advertising on Hoardings

Importance of Advertising on Hoardings

Friday June 21, 2019,

4 min Read

importance of advertising on hoardings

Are you the head of the Sales team at your organization looking for innovative ways to get more leads? Are you a business owner weighing options between different advertising mediums? Are you a marketing manager debating between traditional and digital marketing mediums? Then this blog written by one of the best advertising agency in Pune will help you find a solution to all your advertising problems.

There have been constant rumors about traditional advertising media dying out due to the advent of digital technology. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Even during the boom of digital marketing, there are many avenues in traditional marketing that still drive successful campaigns.

In this blog, we want to talk to you about one of the most popular traditional advertising media available, hoardings! Hoardings in India have a magical impact, they take your message and bring back amazing results.

Hoardings or billboards as they are called in the United States of America, are huge posters mounted on top of buildings, in busy chowks, on highways and near bridges. There was a time, many years ago, when professional painters used to paint hoardings.

This used to take days to finish one single hoarding. Imagine having to paint multiple hoardings across Pune, or Mumbai. But now thanks to digital printers, one can get even hoardings (yes full-size hoardings) printed and rolled up, ready to be transported to the intended location. At Honey Advertising, we have a high-quality digital printer, that can execute flex printing services in Pune at any time.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should invest in Hoarding Advertisements:

●         Super-Sized Ad

Hoardings are one of the few media left which can dominate the mind of a human being by sheer size alone. They are larger than life and very huge. Thus, they cannot be ignored by anyone walking down the street. It is impossible to walk by/drive by hoarding and not glimpse at least half of the message.

According to research by an advertising agencies, more than 50% of people who saw an ad on a hoarding, remember the catchphrase printed on it. If you compare this with digital marketing, where the engagement rate falls somewhere between 1-3%, this number is far superior statistically.

●         Widest Audience Reach

Why do we advertise? Why do we run marketing campaigns? Why do we lay down elaborate marketing strategies to generate higher sales revenues? The answer is simple, to reach your target audience.

The best way to reach the highest target audience is hoarding. A hoarding allows you to reach people of all genders, age groups, and class. It especially ensures that you capture the attention of the middle class and the upper class (since this is where the majority of consumers lie on the spectrum).

Even if your hoarding is for a niche target audience, for example, senior citizens, even youngsters will see it and might inform the elders in their home about it. This is the power of a billboard in India notes.

●         Leads Come to You

In all other marketing strategies and techniques, one must reach out to the leads. It is very rare to witness leads coming to you by watching your video ad or a pop-up ad on Google. But in the case of hoarding, the leads will come to your doorstep. There are many examples where hoardings advertising has led to direct calls from customers or an increase in footfall at stores.

Even 100% of online sales companies like Amazon and Flipkart use hoardings to capture their target audience. The hoardings design plays a vital role in making an impact on the minds of the reader.

Our attention spans have shortened and only visual or graphics seem to grab our attention. Great hoarding designs have short catchphrases and a clear call to action on them. This makes it easier for the consumer to come to you directly without any middlemen involved.

The leads generated from hoarding advertisements are quality, qualified leads, which means, these leads can be converted into sales immediately.

We have of course the traditional hoarding with one message on it, or there are options of creating different hoardings for different locations, giving it a taste of personalization. One can also opt for creative hoardings with 3D objects to grab more eyeballs.

A new innovation in the billboards segment is digital billboards. These allow you to create multiple messages and display them in a well-timed loop.

Hoardings have many advantages. They are affordable and cost-effective since once you put up hoarding it stays there for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 months. That’s why so many real estate developers prefer advertising on hoardings. We hope this blog helped you!