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Study Dentistry In Europe In English - The Top 5 Reasons

Study Dentistry In Europe In English - The Top 5 Reasons

Friday April 26, 2019,

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I've seen a lot of people who were confused about what to study after they graduated from high school. I've also had schoolmates who couldn't choose their path in life even after taking 2-3 gap years after graduation. Today I want to present you with the option of studying dentistry in Europe and how it changed my life.

Taking a decision as to which path to take requires you to become a mature person and quickly. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose to study medicine abroad:

Reason #1 - High Quality of Education

Europe has always taken pride in its medical universities. Most of them are the oldest in the world. They've also produced thousands of worldwide respected professionals who've dedicated their lives to help society. The whole course is in English and all the professors and assistants are fluent in the language so you would have a problem with understanding.

Reason #2 - Worldwide Acknowledged Degree

Another thing about studying medicine in Europe is that, as a medical graduated student, you’ll be able to work in wherever you want, since your degree will be acknowledged everywhere around the globe. When you graduate you will receive a degree which would allow you to start working or specializing right away. You can go back home or continue your education in Europe - the choice is yours.

Reason #3 - A Great Experience

By deciding to study medicine or dentistry in Europe you will be exposed to astonishing travel opportunities. A lot of people who go to study medicine in Europe see it as a form of an adventure. I have friends in Bulgaria who literally went on a small trip every 2-3 weekends. 3 years in and they've explored the whole country. I bet they've even seen more of it than some actual Bulgarians!

On the other hand, I also have friends and colleagues studying abroad who are the absolute opposite. They sit at their apartments all day studying. They don't have any impressions of the city and country whatsoever.

What's the point of studying for whole 6 years without having any fun? Student years are some of the best years in our lives and now that I've showed you both sides I hope you'll make the most out of your stay in whichever country you choose to study in.

Reason #4 - Cheaper Tuition Fees and Living Costs

This one speaks for itself. No matter how far we want to stay from it, money can't ever escape our lives. When taking a decision to make your way to study in Europe money talks. Tuition fees for most medical universities are around 40% cheaper than those of the UK. Not only that, but living costs are also much cheaper. There's room for every budget and when it comes to education you shouldn't really spare money.

After all, you are investing in your own future. What else is better to invest in that in yourself? In just 6 years when you graduate as a certified professional you'd be able to make up for the money you've spent in a single year. Because as you know, the medical profession is very rewarding in a financial aspect too.

Reason #5 - You'll Learn a New Language

Absolutely! You'd be exposed to a new culture, habits, people. You'll be hearing the local language every day. I bet than in 2 years, if you put a little bit of effort, you'd be able to speak fluently. I have friends studying all over Europe speaking all kinds of languages - Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish etc. They obviously can't speak as well as a native but they can sure converse on a very high level.