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Women Entrepreneur in Logistics Now ?

Women Entrepreneurship in Logistics (B2C segment)

Women Entrepreneur in Logistics Now ?

Monday November 19, 2018,

3 min Read

Why Logistics?

When you think of logistics the first thing which comes to mind are trucks and the men who drive them. Logistics has always been a realm of men as it is considered to be a physically challenging occupation, requiring the brutal strength and odd working hours, which has always been associated with men.

It is not even in the wildest of one’s dream that he/she can associate a woman working in the field of logistics. In fact it has been and still is the case with a number of fields where women participation is not readily accepted, with logistics being one of them.

However, with changing times women have been entering into all the fields which were traditionally considered to be man’s dominion and they have proved themselves, not only equal to men but have far excelled from their male counterparts. Same is the case when it is the logistics sector, which has long been held by men as their own territory.

Moverdeal is one such startup which is being promoted by woman entrepreneur and is challenging the stereotypes in the logistics sector. 

Women Entrepreneurship in Logistics (B2C segment)

Logistics is primarily considered a male dominated industry being the backbone of any economy. The movers and packers, the truckers, the surveyors, the labor involved all in all everything is male driven right from the start till the end.

If you look at B2C segment in logistics in India, it is the woman who being the caretaker of the house would be coordinating with movers and packers as to what to move, how to pack which item,segregate different items and how much care is required for each and every particular item. Infact she is the one who would also be compromising on to the privacy of the family when the different surveyors visit the house to have an idea about the household items to be moved. But still it remains at the hands of the male member when it comes to booking the relocation.

Now the time has come to change the way people look at Logistics a completely gender driven industry. Moverdeal brings just the right approach to it being driven by a female promoter and catering to the negotiation skills of a woman, it provides an excellent and one of its kind platform where in online bidding for the best prices happen within the channel partners (as soon as you mention and fill in your relocation requirement), along with customers bidding on their price as well.

With just a single visit by the expert analyst, to analyse the kind of transportation required to move the items, you are ready for the move.

Let join hands and relocate through Moverdeal !!! The first woman driven online bidding logistics marketplace !!!!!!

Business Stats :Source ( Mega Trends in the Indian Logistics Sector for 2015-16 - Frost & Sullivan)  

Indian logistics sector is estimated to be USD 130 BN (2017).

  • Transportation: 60%
  • Warehousing: 25%
  • Freight Forwarding: 10%
  • Value Added Logistics: 5%

Estimated to reach USD 150 BN by 2020 i.e. a 5-6% growth in next 3-4 years  

Transportation sector has the largest share of ~ US 78 BN 

Relocation industry is estimated to be around Rs. 10,000 – 12,000 Cr. (2017) as per various industry experts.

It is only accounts for about 1% of the total Logistics sector of India.

Various sources suggest Relocation industry is likely to grow at around 10% pa in the next 3-4 years.  

However, based on likely growth in Logistics sector and the contribution of Relocation industry within this sector, we estimate this industry to reach around Rs. 13,000 – 15,000 Cr in next 3-4 years.