WordPress themes to choose for your website project

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 WordPress themes to choose for your website project

Monday December 24, 2018,

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We know that the digital world is growing in an exponential rate. Approximately 1000 websites are being created during every single hour.

Choose best theme for your website

If you are planning to start a business, or trying to figure out the type of business, there are certain things that need to be selected for your WordPress site. Selecting a best theme for building up a WordPress website is one among them. There are some themes that offer’s great support for e- commerce websites, while other’s are best for the websites based on membership. There are certain catagories that any WordPress theme to be judged on.

Ease of installation

There are large number of WordPress themes available. The best among them will be very easy to install. A simple interface will help you to get it started very quickly and easily.

Degree of Customization

Pre-built add-ons, tailor made plugins and having high degree of customization makes the theme very much powerful. There are some themes and its main focus will be on high degree of customization.

Mobile usability

It is very crucial. It is one of the most important thing for google and choose a right theme that supports responsive mobile design. It can be considered as the most important defining factor of an ideal theme.

Overall speed

The style of coding is an important factor. The code must be light and compact. It is very important to decide the overall speed of page loads.

Aesthetic appeal of theme

The appeal of the theme is very important. People always plays acute attention to the design. Therefore always make sure that the theme supports high quality design.

Customer reviews

Reviews of the customer are very important when it comes in the case of product or any service. When it comes for opting the right theme, always give importance to experience of others.

Ongoing support and degrades

Support is necessary, when it comes in the case that requires constant evolution, and upgrades to the WordPress platform. Always make sure that they provide some kinds of on-going or limited support that are constantly evolving.

Best themes for a WordPress site

Some of the best themes for Wordpress site are;


It is one of the most prefered theme in the market. The theme alone boasts half million users. Divi is highly flexible and poweful. It comes with its own drag and drop page builder that allows you to build any type of website. In order to make this very easy, it has many modules and layouts for many purposes and various customization options that allows you to create unique page designs.


  • Make designs from pre- maxde layouts using drag and drop.
  • Fully customizable layouts and modules.


It is a free multi-purpose theme having wide range of features with full rating in the WordPress directory. Whenever OceanWP is installed, it recommend to install free page builder plugin that give you more customization options.


  • It is suitable for all kinds of website including blogs, portfolios, online shops etc.
  • It is build with best SEO practices for making rank friendly websites.
  • Capable of working with popular page builder plugins.

Themify Builder

It provides you a framework that allows you to build custom designs using drag and drop interface. The builder has front end editing options that allows you to see all the necessary changes. It is fully responsive and looks good on all kinds of device.


  • Support live editing of pages.
  • Creates any type of page and design for each purposes.
  • Allows using native and third party short codes inside the builder.


It is a premium multi purpose theme that is made to create websites of any kind and then customizing according to your needs. There are many templates available that makes it easy to get started.


  • Includes WooCommerce for quickly building up of online shops.
  • Number of customization options to shape your site to your liking.
  • Number of custom shortcodes that helps you to customize site better.


It is another type of drag and drop theme builder. It is built on bootstrap which act as full suite giving full control on every aspects of site. Allows you to create layout by your own and then to add custom designs using CSS and to make your site completely by your won.


  • Allows using native WordPress widgets in your design.
  • Ability to style any element.
  • All site elements and layouts will be mobile ready.


It is a framework that allows you to create any type of website. The company also offers wide range of child themes. It is not that much beginner friendly. It has the ability to make customization easy for the developers having large number of hooks.


  • Light weight and faster to load.
  • It offers a great support system.
  • Offers good SEO optimization.


It gives you ability to customize the theme design from user interface by point and click.


  • Pre- set design options for homepage and can be activated using a single click.
  • Able to create child theme from back end.
  • Pre-made designs are available from repository.