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4 Best Examples How You Can Use .Net In 2020

What Makes .NET Framework Preferred for Business Application Development?

4 Best Examples How You Can Use .Net In 2020

Wednesday February 12, 2020,

5 min Read

When it comes to realizing improved gains for businesses, .NET based application development deserves special mention. The contribution of .NET in churning out business-based web and mobile applications can be easily seen in the broad range of .NET applications available for businesses nowadays.

In this blog post, we will take a deep overview of the 4 best applications built using the .NET framework for different industry verticals.

What Makes .NET Framework Preferred for Business Application Development?

So, what makes application development using .NET framework so in-demand and popular among businesses in diverse industry verticals as well as among the current genre of developers?

Undoubtedly, its the host of advantages of .NET that make it highly purposeful for both developers and businesses, especially startups.

.NET allows creation of dynamic websites, web apps, real time applications, and even cross platform applications using Xamarin. The coherent programming framework maintains sync with the rapidly changing technological advances which make it highly useful from the future deployment perspective.

Following is a breakup of the diverse industry verticals where .NET implementation is done in current time -

.net industry usage

The compatibility, usability, and easy maintenance aspects of .NET make it highly advantageous for developers.

In fact, .NET Core emerged as the most loved framework among developers in Stack Overflow’s 2019 survey that reveals its overall popularity .

Businesses, on the other hand, gain considerably from the high-end security, reduced development time and cost-effectiveness aspects of .NET.

Several companies are using .NET for application development including Cisco, Intel, TCS, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Mayo Clinic, Cognizant, JP Morgan Chase, Capgemini, Siemens, Wipro, Bank of America, Intuit and more.

So, besides the financial companies, the core technology and healthcare firms also are relying on .NET for building cost-effective and secured applications. In the next section, we will analyze some of the best business applications built using .NET.

4 Best Examples of .NET Applications Developed for Businesses

The number of .NET applications developed over the past few years is constantly increasing as global businesses have witnessed considerable potential in the framework and are accordingly opting for .NET web and mobile app development.

As there have also been significant improvements in the framework from time to time, more & more innovative business applications have come into existence.

Let’s now analyze the 4 best .NET applications developed using this popular framework.

1. Logistics Web Application

logistic web application based on PIM and .net

Developed using .NET, the logistic web application is built to facilitate simplified creation of shipments and delivering goods at different locations.

The robust business application is made available with payment gateway integration and allows simplified creation of shipments and Invoice generation for the logistic company.

2. Social Media Platform for Digital Content Distribution

social media platform

The developed application is a scalable bespoke web solution bringing digital content sellers & buyers on a single social media platform. The application includes community portal features and is equipped with e-commerce capabilities too for simplified dealings & transactions.

Documents, music, video, tutorials are the main digital content available from sellers. The application also combines powerful search capabilities to allow discovering relevant content.

3. Healthcare Messaging Application

healthcare web application

Developed using .NET and PhoneGap as core technologies, the healthcare application provides caregivers information whether the patient has taken pills or not. The user-friendly and informative application also includes a history timeline to indicate the exact time when pills were taken by patient.

It also sends notifications in case medication is missed. The application also allows editing profiles of people taking medication.

4. Order Management System

The web solution has been developed for a fashion accessory manufacturer and comprises several modules including Sales, Purchase, Shipping, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Ticketing. Each module is further subdivided into sub-modules.

The web application modules facilitate better management of production schedule and customer demands for the business. A user can easily log into the system using form authentication and once authenticated get redirected to the modules that the user is authorized to access.

All of these applications have been developed by leading .NET app development companies with massive expertise in domain of web development. As can be seen, these applications helped the corresponding businesses simplify the existing processes besides adding considerable value.

There are several more use cases where .NET application in real business scenario has attracted better gains for the business. In fact, this is what actually establishes the credibility of .NET framework as one of the most promising technology frameworks to have your business applications built upon.

Diverse businesses are benefiting from the sheer versatility .NET development provides in creating feature-rich applications that solve complex business issues. The huge number of websites built using .NET too signify how trusted the framework is.

Overall, .NET powers 2.5 million websites and 1.6 million unique domains.

If you too have a serious business challenge that needs systematic addressing, .NET web application development can prove to be quite effective for you.

You can think beyond .NET based websites and extend the scope of your application to effectively gaining the competitive edge in your business. The sheer beauty of .NET lies in its effective approach towards creation of robust, scalable business applications with Syncrasy Tech.