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Work Life Balance - Challenge.. ? Not Really!

Work Life Balance - Challenge.. ? Not Really!

Tuesday October 30, 2018,

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Work Life Balance - Quick Tips

“No matter how busy you are, or how busy you think you are, the work will always be there today or tomorrow, but your family might not be.”

In today’s busy world it is very important to attain work life balance, not only to give time to your family and friends, but to your own self. While it is important to work in competitive world to earn the livelihood but that does not mean you forget your own existence and individuality,

We are the generation capable of doing many things at once, without enjoying any of them or understanding the real purpose.

Life is not only about running and achieving goals, one should not only survive but LIVE. Neither life would give you many chances nor the time would come back.

We should not look at reducing our work but to optimize and prioritize. We should know the technique of effective time management and delegation. Some amount of work be it personal or professional could be outsourced, this will help save your time.

We should also prioritize our work and have planned deadlines or timelines to achieve it accordingly.

Like: Urgent and Most Important work category should be addressed on priority and closed, but anything which is not urgent or important could be parked for some time.

Similarly, it is very important to have set standard working hours, try to finish your work as per the schedules. Manage your time considering your long-term goals, plan and prepare before you start implementing. Create a timeline of your activities. Specific computer programs can help with this, or you can customize your own Excel spreadsheet or Word table. Put dates across the top and activities down the side. Break each task into sub-tasks. Include family time – such as holidays, birthday parties, annual function at your children school or parent teacher’s meeting etc. – so you don’t forget that you are unavailable for work on those days. Also, factor in some buffer time just in case of any medical emergency etc.

However, before we analyze the work and categorize, we first need to understand ourselves and the circumstances. We should know our time in the day where are energies and efficiency are the most.

For example: if you are habitual of getting up early in morning, then keep all your high concentration and energy draining activities in the morning and vice versa.

Make sure you do not over stress and take good care of your fitness and health alongside.

Besides, doing effective time management and pro-active planning, one should make best use of technology, today we need not go from one place to another to speak to someone we could leverage audio/video calling options which are easily available on multiple platforms etc.

At least, once in a week, take out sometime for your hobbies, be it painting or singing, with so many mobile and computer apps, you can sing where ever you want/karaoke etc. Taking out time for the things you love to do, simply energizes and refreshes you to deliver your best.

Therefore, be mindful and realistic at the end of each working day, try to do some self-analysis.

Before going to sleep, take some time for yourself and summarize your day, what worked? What did not? How can we do better? Mistakes or leanings? Etc.

Now, talking about women specifically, today with evolution of technologies and electronic gadgets like microwaves, washing machines, mixers, juicers etc. life has become easier and women can afford to have sometime for themselves. Women are realizing importance of being happy and are now more independent, confident, innovative and aware. Even as home-maker, I see many women taking care of their fitness (gym, Zumba) and hobbies such as singing, painting, dancing etc. Basically, taking time for themselves to ensure their well -being and happiness.

 With changing times, work places have also become more inclusive now and help women continue with work post their maternity breaks etc. by providing work from home or flexi options. Thus, making women careers more fulfilling & satisfying. They are able attain a perfect work life balance and enjoy their motherhood/womanhood along with work. Corp orates have a big role in ensuring that women can continue work even through many changes that happen in their lives. Conductive policies, a mindset and culture that supports men and women equally, are key. I am blessed to work for such an organization who not only supports employees to attain work life balance, it also encourages to take care of our health/wellness by having yoga/ergonomics sessions etc. at office.

In today’s world, while women are taking up more roles and responsibilities it becomes equally important for men to come out of their comfort zones as well and start respecting and sharing household work.

As I always summarize with the disclaimer, that my suggestions may not be the best, as each one to their own, however one tip I strongly recommend to everyone I meet is to consciously stay happy and pursue at least one hobby.

I wish all the readers a happy and healthy life, and request them to take a moment and think what they are doing currently and what they really want to do? Things are easier said than done, but please try to optimize your current work and try to enjoy every moment of the life !