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Working on a startup? Here is how you can promote it.

Working on a startup? Here is how you can promote it.

Monday January 28, 2019,

4 min Read

Working on your startup is like a dream come true for many. Usually people enter this zone by going through rigorous training under some other job. And when they are sure of their capabilities, they jump in the startup fire.

While many succeed making their business grow, some succumb to the fate. What do you think is the major reason for many startup failures?

According to me, the lack of persistence and motivation is what drive people to give up. If not this, then over ambitious nature sometimes bring their doom. The best way to keep your business growing is to start slow. While it is good to be ambitious, try to achieve more only when you are sure of your present achievements.

Now when you have started your business already, it is time you promote it to your target audience. After all, success never comes easy. And you have to be rigorous with your efforts to promote your start up. Here are some easy ways using which you can at least start with your promotions.

Don't Ignore the SEO

While many people prefer relying on social media and public shares alone, it is wise to consider SEO alongside.

SEO is that building block of your marketing program, that will lay your foundations strong and will keep bringing revenue to your business for a very long time. Hence, this makes one of the most important aspects of your promotional campaign. Optimizing your website for search engine will ensure your brand recognition among the organic traffic.

Better the SEO of your website, better would be your reach and your brand awareness. You can start this by writing SEO friendly articles and targeting keywords which are easy. Although these keywords might not bring you heavy traffic, they would at least help in bringing some traffic to your business.

Email and Mobile Marketing

Although they are 2 ways, but they can generally be categorized under one. Whether you talk about SMS, or emails, targeting your audience through these mediums is turning more effective these days. According to SoakMind, there are numerous anonymous SMS sending apps, that can help you reach out to your audience anonymously. But try not to be too spammy. Sending relevant messages and attracting call to action will help you win the case, while anything else will work opposite.

Same is the case with emails. There are just too many emails people face in their daily life that they completely ignore them. The best way to break that barrier is to send emails that are really meant for the people. Rather than promoting your products or services, target the problems which common people face and how you can solve them.

Working on this front through emails and sms will help you develop your start up on a better note.

Social Media

When we are talking about promotions, how can we really leave behind the social media marketing.

There are numerous platforms available where you can begin promoting your website. The best way would be to start one by one. Make your business page and add content that is both interesting, and attractive. People would not want to read your long articles, nor would want to click the links you spam their page with.

Here are some ideas you can use to make your social media business page interesting:

  • Use videos to tell your story.
  • Take help of images and snapshots to pique peoples' interests.
  • Use puzzle and quizzes to keep people engaged.
  • Generate Hashtags and urge people to use them for the cause, and many more.

The ways to attract audience are endless. But the basic idea is same. Generate content that would be interesting for people and they would be compelled to share your posts.