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XX Assumptions About Single Independent Women We Need To Stop Making

‘I am single, I am happy and independent.’ A matter of pride, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately, life doesn’t come this easy for such a woman.

XX Assumptions About Single Independent Women We Need To Stop Making

Monday March 16, 2020,

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‘I am single, I am happy and independent.’ A matter of pride, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately life doesn’t come this easy for such a woman. Misconceptions, assumptions by the people they live among yet cloud over her head to make her self reliance feel like a punishment. Listed are twenty such we need to refrain from making:

XX Assumptions About Single Women We Need To Stop Making

Single Independent Woman

They make bad homemakers.

‘She is too busy with her work to even look after her home front!’- doesn’t a statement like this sound familiar to your ears? Well, how does being a single independent woman lead to being bad at household chores? Sounds simply ironic for they are so used to managing things without any assistance throughout.

They are lonely and depressed.

Living alone is she? Oh, how isolated and gloomy she must be! One thing our so called ‘Indian society’ needs to get some clarity about is that living alone and being lonely carry different meanings altogether. Maybe, this is what she wants- being self dependent, live her life on her own terms away from all the drama.


Nobody will marry her.

Duh! Who are you to decide whether someone will marry her or not? Is she your daughter that you even care about what’s going on in her life? It’s totally her call to take a decision about when is she ready to marry. Just because she stands tall on her feet does not mean she is not marriage material.


Such anti-social humans.

Our list of illogical assumptions is led by the one where an unwed, independent woman is given the title of an ‘anti-social human.’ They are assumed to be unfriendly, snobbish and unapproachable. Go! Talk to them, they won’t bite.


Care is the last thing on earth that they need.

Yes, undoubtedly independence is what they cherish in their lives but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be taken care of. They too are normal women who love to be pampered but to certain limit maybe. They love to go out for dinners or night outs and let their hair loose once in a while, too.


Love and commitment are shackles for her.

Oh! She is way too independent to be tied down by love and commitment. Talk to the hand, people. She is mature and sensible enough to make the right choices be it about her career or men or herself, too. She knows it quite well to prioritize so save the drama!


Not committed? She surely must be sleeping around.

Of course, now that she is not committed she must be sleeping around with innumerable men that visit her. Those men can’t be her friends or cousins but they have to be those with whom she has physical relations with. Go, get a life!


Over educated beasts.

She is smart, educated, confident and independent and she takes pride in what she does. How does that hamper anyone else’s life? Does it bother you if she is over educated or your own children cannot match her levels of perfection?

Being a shopaholic is what they excel at.

Agreed that shopping is what keeps women alive but not all women are born to shop, some have more important goals to meet out in life. They are good money managers; make smart investment choices and what not.


Their work is their life.

If something holds supreme importance in a single independent woman’s life it has to be her work. It’s presumed that such women live a life of solitary confinement for all they do is work. But hey, even they love to take some time off and maybe read a book or go for a spa.


A hoity toity lady she is.

Woman living alone and making her own ‘mullahs’ is considered to be a condescending human by those of a typical orthodox mentality. One question, why and how does a woman’s social status define her character?


Must be divorced, widowed or abandoned.

Oh! This one nails it. So, if she is single and staying away from her parents, she is assumed to be divorced, widowed or abandoned by her parents. If she can earn her own bread and butter and does not need a man to do so, she falls in the above three categories?


What about her? She is ‘available’.

Hilarious! A single woman is thought to be always available. So, again her status ends up defining her character.


Such women rule men.

Another bouncer and it goes over the top! So, now such women are necessarily classified as those ruling men for they have a mind and tongue of their own. They speak what they think and if that hurts a man’s ego in the process, well, then may God put some sense in people!


Her head is always high. Too proud of being successful.

So, what’s the issue? Why can’t a woman be proud about what she has achieved? If her pride in her success snatches away someone else’s peace of mind it’s definitely not her concern.


Why is she constantly trying to prove herself?

Excuse me! She is successful and has reached heights with her passion and determination towards her work. Not for others but for herself!


She is so self obsessed.

Just because she is single and happy to be so does not make her self-obsessed. She has a family and friends of her own who she loves and cares about. Step out of your own worlds please!

Too outspoken to be a good wife.

Yes, she is independent! Yes, she thinks! She speaks! So, what? If she has her own point of view, why can’t she be a good wife nevertheless?


Oh god! She is 25 and still single!

Here comes the most cliched one- ‘Child, you have turned 25. Didn't you find any guy who could marry you?’ Alright, so now if you cross the age of 24, you have to be married else you can’t survive? Cut the crap please! The term ‘priority’ still exists in the dictionary!


A woman is born to marry, keep your husband happy and then give birth to kids.

‘A woman is born only to get married and give birth to children!’ What in the world justifies such a thought? We need to stop projecting marriage as the ultimate goal in a woman’s life.