Sameer Dhanrajani

Simplifying the world of AI and data analytics
Sameer Dhanrajani is a well-recognised analytics and data sciences leader who has come to be known for his deep knowledge and topical understanding across all genres of analytics and data sciences. His penchant for global analytics trends is apparent in the various thought pieces and the best-selling book he authored, titled AI and Analytics: Accelerating Business Decisions. When not penning down his thoughts, Sameer spends time consulting with Fortune 500 enterprises, Indian corporations, GCCs, and startups, helping them drive AI-led strategic transformation strategies. His TEDx talks are an absolute treat for those who are passionate about tech and everything futuristic.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
More often than not, topics such as artificial intelligence, algorithms, and data and analytics are regarded as complex, not-for-the-masses subjects. But with his simple, lucid, and relatable style of writing, Sameer Dhanrajani has managed to break it all down, even complex jargon, for the reader’s pleasure. From tracing the top AI trends to analysing the power that this re-emerging tech has on traditional market segments such as banking and retail, the archive of Sameer’s thought pieces are extensive and elaborate. In fact, in one of his recent pieces – titled How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Face Of Banking in India – Sameer makes a bold comparison between traditional banks and upstart fintech firms leveraging advanced technologies. In what he calls the “second machine age”, Sameer even goes on to make a suggestion on how banking corporations need to embrace AI as part of their business strategy to maintain their competitive edge. Besides this, the renowned AI advisor has also detailed his thoughts on the transformation of the retail industry and the impact of AI on engineering and construction industry.