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Sangita Srinivasa

Sangita Srinivasa leads communications ,and compiles stories for Head Held High Foundation, with interesting anecdotes and success stories of the beneficiaries.
Sangita Srinivasa is the Head of Communications at Head Held High Foundation. She completed her MBA from The University of Toledo, and had been working in freelance and permanent roles at various news and PR organisations. Early in her career, she wrote a number of feature stories for a New Jersey daily on local coffee shops, authors, history, trends and more. Recently, she has been involved in content strategy and creation for various companies and non-profits.


Awards and Recognitions
YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Sangita’s stories are centred around the efforts of the Head Held High Foundation and how they have helped families survive the pandemic. She brings to light the tales of the women in Wadi in Gulbarga. The foundation’s community service initiative called Antarprerna helped some of these women find a means of employment. “It took just a few weeks to see shifts in the mindset – in both the women and the community at large. Many of the women’s family members now talk about supporting them in their job-related goals. Some are pitching in with childcare to enable them to work.”