Sneha Choudhry

A problem solver and a believer in women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship.
Sneha Choudhry is the Co-founder of Zolo, one of the largest co-living startups, is a gold medalist from IIM Kozhikode. Genauth Integrated Solutions became her second entrepreneurial stint, when Sneha co-founded the edtech startup in January. A problem solver, Sneha believes in getting the job done and is focussed on sales and customer experience at Zolo. A strong proponent of the saying the devil is in the detail, Sneha is a believer in work-life balance and writes on topics like fund raising for women entrepreneurs. Having founded two companies, Sneha believes an entrepreneur’s lifestyle requires a specific mindset, strong determination, and robust resilience.


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YourStory’s 100 Emerging Voices of 2019
Focussed on work-life balance and women’s entrepreneurship, Sneha believes that being an entrepreneur brings in responsibility and commitments towards organisation, its employees, and investors. She calls it a ‘24X7 lifestyle’ that needs resilience, determination and a specific mindset, and one needs to be willing to throw out the rulebook and make their own set of rules. Sneha opines that while entrepreneurs do not have the conventional work-life balance, they can develop their own way of balancing their work and personal life so that they can bring joy to others and have a successful and happy stint as an entrepreneur. It is important to not be apologetic about managing your time as per your convenience. Sneha urges entrepreneurs to set up their activity log that helps them analyse and track their time at work and home. She advocates that, for instance, if you think that attending a weekly staff meeting consumes all your time and adds little value to your work, you could consider asking your colleague or employee to take notes on your behalf. If your child’s recital is important then you can reschedule a meeting that suits your time frame.

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