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Sujit Jain

Serial entrepreneur Sujit Jain has successful ventures in nutraceuticals, FMCG and technology. Sujit is recognised as an Emerging Voice for his persuasive writing on direct selling.
Sujit Jain runs Netsurf, a $100 million group of companies which includes Netsurf Communications Pvt Ltd, Ajay Bio-tech (India) Ltd, Netsurf Research Labs Pvt Ltd, and Netsurf Entertainment LLP under its banner. He is also a Corporate Strategy Advisor and Director at Mylab Discovery Solutions. Sujit is also involved in social and community work, serving on the advisory board of Niramay Foundation, an NGO that organises medical camps in the slum areas of Pune to create awareness about protective measures for various diseases. He is also associated with LAKSHYA, an NGO that identifies budding talented sportspersons and nurtures them.


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YourStory's 100 Digital Influencers of 2020
Sujit, who started Netsurf in 2001 as a small direct selling company for software products, is a big believer in the mode of non-retail selling. Through his writing, Sujit strongly advocates for creating self-employment and generating alternative income through direct selling. He writes about how direct selling in India survived every economic crisis, and why it can now become a major uplifter to reverse the current economic downturn. Sujit explains to his readers that in the direct selling business, every meeting, pitch, and conference between the company and direct sellers, direct seller upline and downline, direct seller and consumer, or direct seller and potential recruits can be conducted with the help of video conferencing, FB lives, and webinars. Direct sellers from rural backgrounds can also utilise these facilities to conduct their business meetings. “Considering the economic crisis ahead of us, one can be certain that the direct selling industry is offering the most dependable income generation option right now. It comes customised for everyone — migrating labourers, housewives and working women, professionals, small businessmen and farmers, salaried and unemployed, learned and illiterate — looking for a primary or a secondary source of income.”

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