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Transform your boredom, amazing college journey awaits!

Awaiting your college journey in a boredom? Take a pause, don't let this golden opportunity to escape from your hands. This article perfectly transforms your boredom and in return, recommends plenty of interesting options for you to earn those extra bonus points for shining your career.

Nothing to do, getting bored? Oh God, I still have 1-2 months to my college joining, how do I spend this time? If such questions hover into your mind, pause for a moment. Your boredom might end soon. Trust me! There are lots of things to do before you start with your new and wonderful college  journey. Just think for a while and I am sure you will realize that you could have achieved much more than you have today. The only thing required for this is motivation and self-confidence. Time once gone never comes back. Sure, we heard this often but do we really understand and implement in life?

Remember the time when you wished for some free time from extremely busy schedule in life. Relax! Here it is. A gap of even 1 or 2 months can be used to add extra value to life. The competitive and challenging era has made life extremely complex and everybody including the employers are expecting extra from you. So this little gap becomes the right time to add that value. Now or never, just accept this fact and move on in realizing your other dreams which might not necessarily be of primary importance. If you don’t have one, start preparing the list of things you want to achieve in your life. These things need not be one-dimensional or they may even not be related to your professional career E.g. someone good in academics might have interest in arts or other similar things.

There are several short term courses available which might interest you E.g. hobby classes, computer classes, foreign languages classes, etc. or if you are very concerned about societal needs, better option would be joining an NGO. In addition you can go camping, visit new places, attend workshops and seminars of your interest as well. Be it any field, the internet era today has crossed its boundaries in terms of knowledge and information. So even if you don’t like to go out, try exploring things of your interest anytime you feel.

Keep that zeal to follow your dreams and your willingness to learn new things and I am damn sure you will no more get bored during these amazing free days in life. If you have already made up your mind on your dream profile then try getting more knowledge about it or do some short term courses related to that profile. This can even help you test your ability in the field of your interest and can surely give you an added advantage in your academic curriculum including the placements. Remember that the extremely busy college schedule might not give you enough time for your other activities or interests. It’s all about management, the one who does it survives the most here.

Time is money, we know this then better not waste it sitting idle and having boredom. Instead, let’s make its creative and effective use  to get a head start in your career because that’s what is going to differentiate you from the rest in completion of your challenging tasks in future.

Surprisingly! I just realized these 1 or 2 months is too short a time for plenty of options that I got to know. If you have realized this by now then it's time to shine your career with these flying bonus points.

All the best for your fruitful vacations and an amazing college journey thereafter.

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B.Tech., MBA (IIM R), Digital Marketing Consultant and Singer-songwriter. http://dineshpoetry.blogspot.in/

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