Sadhev’s bet on the ayurvedic wisdom of Medimix to crack a global market

Meet Lasakan Cholayil who is expanding Medimix’s legacy through Sadhev, which he bets will unlock the global market through centuries of ayurvedic wisdom.

Thursday April 20, 2023,

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After completing his graduation from Lynn University in Florida, Lasakan Cholayil returned to India in 2016. At the time, he kept a keen interest in photography—until one visit to his ancestral hometown in Kerala changed things.

Today, he is the co-founder of Sadhev, a luxury ayurvedic brand specializing in face and hair care products. 

Hailing from the legacy family business of Medimix, which operates under Cholayil Pvt Ltd, Cholayil was deeply interested in the 200-year-old ayurvedic wisdom that his family possessed. He would describe this as a treasure trove of ancient wisdom that lay before him.

Alongside his mother Jayadevi Cholayil, he decided to bring these benefits to the world through Sadhev, he tells SMBStory.

Building Sadhev

Despite being more than 50-year-old, and being sold in 25 countries worldwide Medimix struggled to break free from its association with ethnic Indian stores and establish itself in mainstream marketplaces. 

"The issue was that while Ayurveda has been gaining popularity, and people have awareness about it,  Medimix struggled to enter the premium space as it was always associated with Indians living abroad or old-timers. I wanted to add to my family business in a unique way, and thus began Sadhev," Cholayil explains.

Cholayil and his mother spent three years doing groundwork before officially launching Sadhev in 2019, aiming to venture into the relatively unexplored luxury Ayurveda category. "With Sadhev, our aim is to honour the family's deep roots in Ayurveda. The difference we have made here is adapting to suit the lifestyle of the modern consumer," he explains.

In current times, there is greater emphasis placedon  what kind of ingredients is used in r products, with many  demanding sustainable alternatives in a bid to adopt eco-conscious lifestyles. 

These consumers  seek natural and effective products. "Sadhev is catering to the discerning customer of today who is looking for luxurious Ayurvedic products," says Cholayil. 

Unlike Medimix, which has a strong offline retail presence through its distribution network, Sadhev is a digital-first brand. Its strategy involves setting up exclusive brand outlets, and in 2022, they launched their first store in Bengaluru's Bhartiya City Mall.

Looking ahead, Cholayil envisions Sadhev becoming a globally renowned luxury Ayurveda brand with a turnover of Rs 100 crore within the next seven years and clinching the title of  one of the fastest-growing brands in the space. His long-term vision for Sadhev is to revolutionize Ayurveda globally.

Catch the full episode on witnessing the incredible journey of Lasakan Cholayil as he carries forward his family's business legacy of centuries of ayurvedic wisdom. 

Edited by Akanksha Sarma