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This 70-year-old man from Kerala is distributing free earthen pots to help birds survive the heat

Sreeman Narayanan, an environmental crusader and writer, has distributed 10,000 earthen pots, worth Rs 6 lakh, for free to keep the birds hydrated this summer.

This 70-year-old man from Kerala is distributing free earthen pots to help birds survive the heat

Thursday April 18, 2019 , 3 min Read

Summer is here! As temperatures soar in most parts of the country, we humans somehow manage to beat the heat with access to both shade (a roof above our head), as well as clean drinking water. But, imagine what it is like for birds and animals out there in the sun.

Looking at the situation, 70-year-old Sreeman Narayanan, a resident of Muppathadam in Ernakulam, Kerala, is now on a mission to save birds this summer. An environmental crusader and a writer, Narayanan has distributed 10,000 earthen pots to people living nearby so that they can fill it up with water and help the birds stay hydrated.

summer, birds, Kerala

Sreeman distributing free earthen pots | Source: Efforts For Good

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The project, titled ‘Jeeva jalathinu oru maanpathram’ (an earthen pot for life-saving water), was initially started in 2018. After seeing success, Narayanan decided to continue the project this summer too.

The project has also received an award and support from the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

Speaking to The News Minute, he said,

With summer worsening, most water sources for birds have dried up. Not only humans, but animals too get affected due to the increase in temperature and suffer from dehydration. From this single mud pot, at least 100 birds can drink water.

Narayanan says he has spent nearly Rs 6 lakh from his personal savings to source the pots, and plans to distribute another 12,000 to 15,000 pots this year alone.

Summer, heat, Kerala, birds

Source: Efforts For Good.

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Speaking about the noble initiative, he said,

I have completed my responsibilities as a father by taking care of my three children. They are living a peaceful life now. And I do not want to keep savings for the future, ignoring the present destruction of the earth. So, I make use of the income that I get from my lottery business and the small restaurant I run in the village.

Besides this, Narayanan had earlier distributed 50,000 fruit tree saplings worth Rs 15 lakh to everyone in his district for free. When asked about his plantation drive, he told Efforts For Good,

In Muppathadam, I had personally supervised the planting of over 10,000 mango and jackfruit trees in house compounds. I took my team of three and visited every family, convincing them to grow a fruit tree in their courtyard to feed the birds and monkeys.

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