Meet 21-year-old Mayank Pratap Singh, who is all set to become India’s youngest judge

Mayank Pratap Singh from Rajasthan is all set to become India’s youngest judge. While pursuing his five-year LLB course, he did not attend any coaching class and shunned all social media platforms.
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At an age when most of us are thinking of higher education or looking for a job, 21-year-old Mayank Pratap Singh from Rajasthan is all set to become India’s youngest judge.

Mayank completed his five-year LLB course from Rajasthan University in April this year. Following this, the resident of Mansarovar, Jaipur, cleared the Rajasthan Judicial Services exam in his first attempt.

Mayank Pratap Singh (Image: Orrisa Post)

Speaking to India Today, he said,

“I had to study for 12 to 13 hours every day to be able to clear the Rajasthan judicial services 2018 exam to become a judge. I'm extremely elated. I expected a good result. According to me, a good judge should be honest and should not be spread by external influences including muscle power and money power.”

What makes it more interesting is the fact that Mayank never used any social media platforms, or went to any coaching centre. According to him, his dedication towards the exam and a consistent studying pattern in college helped Mayank to ace the exams and emerge a topper.

When asked about his social media presence, Mayank said,

“I never had a Facebook account in my life. I had deactivated all other social media accounts during my exams. I used the internet only to get legal updates, for getting track of some interesting or important judgment of the Supreme Court or High Court”, reports Hindustan Times.

Though his decision to shun social media didn’t go well with his peers, over time, his friends got used to it.

On his take on the legal system in India, Mayank said,

“I have seen people trusting the judiciary. People have been running here and there seeking justice and hence I choose this career”, reports Hindustan Times.

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