Uttarakhand man rescues over 100 snakes a month 

House painter by occupation, Mukhtar Ali, popularly known as the 'snake man’ of Uttarakhand, is on a mission to rescue snakes in his village.

Uttarakhand man rescues over 100 snakes a month 

Monday July 19, 2021,

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Habitat loss poses threat to various species, including snakes. As human consumption of space and resources increases, habitats of many species are encroached upon. 

As a result, they often stray into human territory and are left at their mercy. Over the years, instances of human-wildlife encounters have increased, resulting in undesirable consequences for both humans and wildlife. 

However, Uttarakhand resident Mukhtar Ali is committed to handling such instances peacefully.

Popularly known as the 'snake man’ of Uttarakhand, Mukhtar Ali is on a mission to rescue snakes in his village. A house painter by occupation, he lives in the Kela Khera region and was introduced to the reptile world by a friend. What started as a hobby later became his true calling.

According to Zee5, Ali said he is passionate about saving snakes that enter villages and often end up beaten up or killed by humans. He encourages villagers to call him in such circumstances instead of harming the snake. 

He not only saves the snake from human apathy but also rehabilitates it to a safer space, reducing instances of negative interactions. 


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“I rescue over 100 snakes a month. Last year, I rescued at least 1,000 snakes,” he told India Today

He keeps all his work aside during the three-month-long period of monsoons and dedicates himself to protecting the reptiles. 

He has rehabilitated cobras, pythons, Russell’s Vipers, and several others. 

Ali’s friend, who introduced him to the task, now provides him financial assistance for this noble job.


(Written by Vrinda Garg)

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