How YouTuber Nikunj Lotia went from bartender to influencer in a bid to Be YouNick

In a recent conversation with YourStory’s Influencers Inc, Nikunj Lotia, aka Nick from Be YouNick, shares key insights into the influencer economy and the dramatic rise in the number of content creators amidst the pandemic.

Friday August 06, 2021,

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Nikunj Lotia — popularly known as Nick from Be YouNick — prides himself in being a boy from Dombivli who started as a bartender.

At the time, he used to make content for fun, but now, he is one of the most leading names in the content creation space.

With 4.36 million followers on YouTube and 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Nick was the only digital creator to represent India at VidCon US 2019. He has collaborated with several Bollywood stars, including Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor, etc.

However, a lot of people are unaware of Nikunj’s previous channel — Not So Funny.

“It turned out to be exactly how the name was, not at all funny,” he says. Later on, someone suggested the name “Be YouNick,” and it resonated with his content, which is unique and has his name in it. 

“I feel that I make content that I would love to watch,” Nick says.

According to him, putting too much thought into analysing the audience and the content takes away the fun in creating content and makes it feel like work. This is why he only makes content that he likes.

The relatability factor played an important role in Nick’s journey as a content creator as he always considered himself as the “guy next door.” 

Nikunj Lotia

Nikunj Lotia also known as Be You Nick

Although he draws inspiration from people around him for his content, Nick says he does not watch a lot of content.

In his view, it compels a person to draw comparisons, and he feels he might try to subconsciously recreate the same content he consumes.

“I travel. I listen to people. I look around for inspiration. I just talk to a lot of people. Everybody has their own stories. I have my own stories. My life is way funnier than the content that I make, and that’s why people can relate to it,” Nick says

Be YouNick is all about good content as he believes, “We are not the stars, the content is the star.” There are a lot of twists in the videos, which keep the audience engaged and intrigued till the end.

Every person in the Be YouNick team acquired their skills through experience and not formal training. 

“We kept doing stuff which we liked, and that’s how we kept going,” he says. 

He adds that being an influencer does pay now, but earlier the focus was not on getting paid. It is, however, easier for people who are stepping into the content creation space now as most brands understand the value of the digital medium.  

“It is a bigger market now because the audience relates to you, they trust you,” he says. 

During the rapid-fire round, Nick reveals a lot of interesting facts about him, such as his love for ‘cutting’ chai and football. He wishes to collaborate with Life According to Jimmy, Key & Peele, and Dave Chappelle.

From watching rap battles to his hat collection from his tours to different countries, Nick comes up with some funny and candid responses. 

“Just be yourself. If you have it in you, you’ll get it,” Nick says.

Edited by Suman Singh