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Global citizens get creative with DIY face mask designs amid COVID-19 lockdown

Citizens and celebrities have been getting creative with their PPE, designing colourful and trendy face masks that stand out.

Global citizens get creative with DIY face mask designs amid COVID-19 lockdown

Saturday May 09, 2020,

4 min Read

The coronavirus lockdown has been keeping us indoors for nearly two months now, and has been testing our resilience and patience. With over 3.84 million confirmed cases globally, it is the need of the hour to be extra cautious, and follow necessary government protocol and social distancing measures.

With constant sanitisation of home surfaces, frequent hand washing, and wearing PPE and face masks when stepping out into the streets to buy home essentials, it is safe to say citizens are doing the best they can during this global pandemic.

While being socially isolated can take a toll on one's physical and mental health, there are a few individuals out there, who are striving to keep their spirits up, stay positive and remind themselves frequently that there is hope on the horizon. They are doing whatever little they can to make this uncertain period a little less overwhelming.

Some citizens and celebrities globally have been getting creative with their PPE, designing colourful trendy facemasks to stand out from the typical sea of blue, grey, and yellow masks that are out there.

Designer brands and companies too are creating unique patterns and prints on face masks and selling them with a 'Buy 1 get one free and give to a friend/ family member' offer. Others are taking old patterned shirts, felt tip pens and bringing out the artist in them to create some fascinating and up beat face protection.  

Now every time you step out, rather than constantly being reminded about the coronavirus outbreak, when you look at a person’s unique facemask it will be a pleasant distraction.

YS Weekender brings you a look at trendy face mask designs amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

A man in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia wears a quirky pair of lips which he sketched onto his face mask.


(Image Credit: CNN, Lim Huey Teng,Reuters)

An engineer by profession, Mario Milanesio created a face mask using snorkeling gear, along with respiratory valve fittings using a 3D printer in Italy.


(Image Credit: CNN, Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images)

A man wears a superhero themed, Spiderman protective wear in Coney Island, New York.

FaceMask, Coronavirus

(Image Credit: CNN, Robert Nickelsberg/ Getty Images)

A young 8-year-old child named Panji wears a fluffy bear face mask in Jakarta, Indonesia.


(Image Credit: CNN, Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana/ Reuters)

Mansha Friedrich an artist is seen wearing a crocheted face mask she designed, which has a quirky brown moustache and pair of pink lips.


(Image Credit: INSIDER, picture alliance/Getty Images)

A fashion designer Friederike Jorzig is seen adjusting a face mask on a bridal mannequin in her store in Berlin, Germany.


(Image Credit: CNN, Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images)

A woman in Bangkok, Thailand is seen wearing a face mask with a giant set of teeth.


(Image Credit: Wionews)

A designer takes her face mask to the next level, and creates a sculptural work of art. Cristina Rodo's mask resembles a face hugging creature. It was created using merino wool and Cristina wore this mask for a coronavirus face mask competition.


(Image Credit: INSIDER, Cristina Rodo)

Since face masks are here to stay for a while, a Russian design firm Studio& Talia based near St. Petersburg offers some high fashion with matching masks.


(Image Credit: Forbes)

A woman named Dornazha Blake wears a festive mask on her mother's birthday in Redwood City, California. 


(Image Credit: Santiago Mejia/The San Frnacisco Chronicle/ Getty Images)

A woman wears a colorful cartoon themed face mask in Venezuela.


(Image Credit: INSIDER, picture alliance/Getty Images)

An artist from Palestine called Dorgham Krakeh is painting unique designs on face masks to raise awareness about the coronavirus outbreak.


(Image Credit: INSIDER, Mohammed Abed/Getty Images)

Children in Beijing wear makeshift protective gear with bottle containers.


(Image Credit: CNN, Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Here's a look at some more DIY face masks from designer labels, netizens, and leading celebrities...

A video was made by leading cricketing stars to promote the use of face masks and PPE.

A Phoenix based brand called ksgarner is making face masks a part of their everyday clothing line.

Lirika Matoshi, a brand in New York City, is doing the same, with fruit-themed masks.

Anne Sophie Cochevelou, a French costume and jewellery designer based in London has come up with extravagant and grandiose face masks. Here is a peacock-themed mask...

LA based abstract expressionist Rachel T Harris is designing face masks to fight the spread of coronavirus. Her mission is two-fold - she wants to help labourers she has worked with in the past who are struggling financially and she also wants to repurpose the abundance of leftover fabric she has at her disposal.

Face Mask

(Image Credit: Forbes)

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is turning ocean waste into face masks, in partnership with eco-friendly activewear brand Rash'R. These masks are available in five different designs, based on different sea creatures like sharks, whales and manta rays. They’re also reusable and made out of plastic bottles.

FaceMask, Coronavirus

(Image Credit: Forbes, Padi x Rash'R)

Edited by Asha Chowdary