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Indian Cops get creative with their COVID-19 messages

Indian police are finding unique ways to keep people indoors during the lockdown, through innovative messages of hope

 Indian Cops get creative with their COVID-19 messages

Monday April 06, 2020,

3 min Read

While citizens in India remain indoors, following the 21-day lockdown in the country, the cops in various Indian cities and states are getting quite creative when it comes to spreading the message of staying indoors, practising proper hygiene, and following government protocol.

Like health workers and medical staff, our cops are working tirelessly to make sure that people do not step outdoors for their own safety.

While there has been news that individuals have been beaten up by cops for stepping outside their houses and breaking the rules in some cities, there is also news that the police force is working round the clock to ensure that people stay safe and some of them have come up with innovative ways of sending their messages across.


The Indian Police are getting innovative to keep people indoors. (Image Credit:

YS Weekender brings you police officers from various cities, and how they are creatively making people stay indoors with their coronavirus messages.

Many Indian citizens are going on their social media accounts, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, to appreciate the work being done by police officers nationwide, here are a few noteworthy posts...

The Bengaluru and Mumbai police are doing their part for society in innovative ways with unique themed helmets, special drives and messages.

Bangalore Police.

Creative helmets worn by Bengaluru police officers. (Image Credit: Financial Express)

In this post below an Indian police officer in Chhattisgarh is seen singing a song of hope, to tackle the novel coronavirus and promising citizens that they will be able to step outside and see the light of day, but first they need to follow the rules of staying indoors, in order to enable the safety of others. He tells them ultimately it is for their own good and no one else's.

In another post, a netizen shares that the police administration is working day and night only for the betterment of the people, and rather than belittling them we need to start acknowledging these men in uniform.

Another police officer in Chennai has been spotted stopping vehicles wearing an unusual helmet while checking if people are going to a medical store or stepping out to buy groceries. He wears a helmet with the coronavirus symbol to get the message of social distancing across, and to send people back to their homes to remain in isolation during the 21-day lockdown.

In Indore some police officers are going with a ghost-themed look with a picture of a skeleton embossed on their black clothes.

A police officer in Andhra Pradesh is seen riding a horse, painted with images of COVID-19 to make the public aware.

In Kerala too, police officers joined hands to share a video to the public about the importance of practising proper hygiene, washing hands, and using sanitisers as seen in the video below. They are following the proper hand washing guidelines, highlighted by the WHO.

The Kolkata police too have come up with an innovative way to spread the message of hope to the people and to let them know that we will get through these trying times together. This is their own rendition of musician Anjan Dutta's acclaimed song, Bela Bose, with a coronavirus twist.

In Punjab, a young police officer named Baljinder Singh is seen singing a song for citizens, which has gone viral on a number of social media platforms.

(Edited by Asha Chowdary)