Six movies you must watch this Christmas to embrace the spirit of the season!

YS Weekender brings you six movies that must be on top of your list to watch during the upcoming holidays.

Six movies you must watch this Christmas to embrace the spirit of the season!

Saturday December 21, 2019,

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Christmas is a festival of love, warmth, and giving. It is a time where families and friends come together to revel in the festive spirit.

Like most other holidays, Christmas is also the time when you can enjoy some moments of rest with your loved ones. What better way than watching a Christmas movie that will warm the cockles of your heart?

YS Weekender presents a list of six Christmas themed movies you will enjoy watching this winter that are sure to leave you with a smile.

The Holiday Calendar


The Holiday Calendar

Released last year, The Holiday Calendar is a Christmas romantic comedy film directed by Bradley Walsh, starring Kat Graham, Quincy Brown, and Ethan Peck. The film tells the story of Abby, a struggling but talented photographer who inherits a mysterious antique advent calendar.

The calendar, which is magical, has the ability to predict the future, and is gifted to Abby by her grandfather. Each day that she opens the advent calendar, a new miracle happens. At times when Abby loses hope with the way a new relationship is progressing and her job is going, the calendar surprises her.

It even brings her an unexpected love which she never saw coming. This movie is one, which instills hope, makes us believe in the magic that is Christmas, and shows us that wishes and dreams really do come true.

A Christmas Prince Collection


Don't miss the Christmas prince collection

The Christmas Prince Collection is a three-part movie franchise, directed by Alex Zamm and starring actors Rose McIver and Ben Lamb.

The first movie which released in 2017 called ‘A Christmas Prince’ tells the story of Amber Moore a young magazine journalist who is sent to the fictional town of Aldovia, to attend and cover a press conference hosted by the crown prince Richard, who has just taken over the throne following his father's untimely death.

When she reaches the palace she is mistaken to be the new tutor of Richard’s younger sister. Amber tutors the little girl who is the only one who knows her true identity.

However when the scheming and jealous younger cousin of Prince Richard, who is eager to take the throne, discovers the journalist's identity, as well as the fact that Richard is actually adopted, he does everything within his control to ruin her reputation and steal the prince’s crown.

This is a fun watch for people who like a fast paced plot with unexpected twists and turns. It has a strong female lead character, who is not afraid to speak her mind. The sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding released in 2018, and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, just released this December 2019 on Netflix, and should be added to your watch list.

Christmas with a View


Christmas with a View

Set in a ski resort in 2018, Christmas with a View is a romantic film directed by Justin G Dyck, that tells the love story between the ski resort's new head chef and the restaurants best waitress. While Clara (waitress) is not happy with her new boss Shane (the head chef), she can’t help running into him constantly. It’s almost as if their paths are meant to cross, no matter how much Clara tries to avoid it.

After her multiple failed attempts at trying to get money to open her own restaurant in New York, she devotes all her time and energy to her current place of work, i.e; the ski resort, with the help of the new chef.

With the universe trying to constantly pull them together, will their shared passion for cooking create a solid friendship, or will secrets tear them apart?

If you are looking for a feel good movie with a strong story line, then Christmas with a view is a must watch. The movie stars Canadian actors Kaitlyn Wong and Scott Cavalheiro.

The Grinch


The Grinch

The much-loved classic, ‘The Grinch’ by Dr. Seuss, is back with a third screen adaptation of the book, following the original television special (1966) starring Boris Karloff, and the live action feature film (2000) starring Jim Carrey.

This animated film marks the second Dr. Suess inspired release following The Lorax. Benedict Cumberbatch is heard for the first time in a strikingly humorous avatar, alongside actress Rashida Jones.

The film which was released by Universal Pictures in 2018, takes us back to the land of Whoville, where Christmas is a big deal for the tiny 'Whos' (citizens of Whoville), who all gather together to sing and celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The green cantankerous Mr. Grinch, tries to sabotage the auspicious day as his ‘heart is two sizes too small. He wants to destroy Christmas once and for all, with his pet dog Max.

Things take quite a turn when he meets 6-year-old Cindy Lou, who shows him what Christmas is really all about. Does the Grinch turn to the good side? Or does he still go ahead with his evil plans? This is something you will have to watch and find out.




Released on November 2019, the animated film Klaus tells the story of a postman Jesper who fails the postman academy and is posted to the North Pole. There he meets an elderly carpenter Klaus who lives in a cabin filled with handcrafted toys.

They form a bond and friendship over time, and learn something new from one another.

If you want to go back and look at the origin story of Santa Claus, and are looking for a humorous take on the story, then Klaus should be immediately put on your must-watch list.

Jason Shwartzmen, J.K Simmons, and Rashida Jones have done the voiceovers.

Last Christmas

Last Christmas is a 2019 romantic comedy film, inspired by the famous Christmas song of the same name. Directed by Paul Feig, and starring Emilia Clark, Henry Golding, and Emma Thompson, Last Christmas is a film we must all watch with loved ones or friends during this holiday season.

It tells the story of Kate (Emilia Clark) a disillusioned store worker, who works as an elf in a Christmas store all year round. When Tom (Henry Golding) a mysterious but charming man meets Emilia for the first time, their attraction for one another is pretty evident.

After running into Tom, for the second time after an unsuccessful singing audition, the two decide to go for a walk. Emilia is amazed at how erudite Tom is when it comes to the things he notices about her hometown, London.

When things do not go according to plan at work and there are stressful parental issues at home, Emilia begins to lean on Tom for support.

As Christmas approaches, and the city turns into a sea of sparkling lights, and the coming together of lovers. Do Tom and Kate find Yuletide love too?

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