Paytm Insider is paving the way for Digital Entertainment in India

Entertainment and ticketing companies are rethinking ways of audience engagement and coming up with creative formats to keep you hooked, during these unprecedented times. Paytm Insider founder Shreyas Srinivasan lets us in on how the entertainment platform is paving the way.

Paytm Insider is paving the way for Digital Entertainment in India

Thursday June 18, 2020,

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With COVID-19 changing the landscape of businesses indefinitely, the future of work is all set to be digital and virtual and it is the same with entertainment too.

Entertainment and ticketing companies too are rethinking ways of audience engagement, and coming up with creative formats to keep you hooked.

Paytm Insider one of India’s leading entertainment platforms has come up over 450+ online events to choose from, be it a Yogathon for this upcoming World Yoga Day, Shiamak's Dance Classes, Ways to Build your Social media presence, Acrylic Pour Painting and Pottery making workshops, open mics, game nights, and volunteering events. There are plenty of activities to engage in to suit all kinds of interests.

Shreyas Srinivasan

Shreyas Srinivasan, Founder of Paytm Insider a leading entertainment platform.

In an exclusive interview with YS Weekender Shreyas Srinivasan Founder of Paytm Insider, talks about the changing digital entertainment scenario, trending online workshops and events currently being offered, and the opportunities that lie on the road ahead.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

YSW: What was the main goal when founding Paytm Insider, and what makes you stand out from other leading entertainment platforms?

SS: Paytm Insider was founded due to the need to provide technology solutions for event organisers by placing fans and organisers at the core of our problem solving. We nurture this thinking with our teams and this is what sets us apart.

YSW: What are some of your live events in the past that have been a success?

SS: Some of the highlights from last FY include...

Arijit Singh One Night Only, in partnership with Oranjuice Entertainment which has been one of the fastest selling concerts in recent times.

Zee Live's Supermoon series bringing back Russell Peters to India - Deported World Tour 2019, as well as the Prateek Kuhad Winter Tour 2019.

'Cigarettes After Sex', an ambient pop band, with two shows at the Royal Opera House, which was sold out in minutes.

It's great to also see live properties that Paytm Insider has been working with over several years such as Bacardi NH7 Weekender, The Lil Flea and the annual Brand Factory mega sale grow which attracts a significant audience each year.
Paytm Insider

Paytm Insider Logo.

YSW: With the COVID-19 lockdown, and the unprecedented future that awaits us, how has Paytm Insider recently gone digital with events?

SS: We've been quick to move and update our event publishing and ticketing solution, helping organisers take their events online in 3 simple steps.

Our support to organisers extends further - we provide resources for them to improve how an event can be run online, tech assistance along with show running and creative support.

YSW: What are some of the trending online initiatives you currently have on offer? Are they free or do they come with a price?

SS: There are now over 450 + digital events online each week on Paytm Insider. Although you'll find both paid and free events, we continue to have more paid events than free. Digital events that are trending now allow people to upskill, build on a talent or learn something new.

Paytm Insider

On International Museum Day, Paytm Insider successfully launched 'Ghar se Museum' a digital initiative to bring India's rich cultural history to homes.

YSW: Tell us a little bit about the ‘Ghar Se Museum’ that was launched on International Museum Day and Hunger Inc’s ‘Countdown to Good Times’ that included leading chefs in India.

SS: Ghar Se Museum is a joint campaign launched by Art-X Company and Paytm Insider to celebrate International Museum Day 2020. It is a digital initiative that aims to bring museums online during this time.

We hosted free and paid webinars, workshops and master classes over May 17-18, and plan to continue bringing digital experiences from the culturally rich and diverse museums of India.

Hunger Inc. is the parent company to some of Bombay's most loved restaurants - The Bombay Canteen, O Pedro and Bombay Sweet Shop.

With them, we have introduced online workshops and fans can also purchase our merchandise and even book future dining experiences that the team will create for customers.

Hunger Inc

In collaboration with Hunger Inc. Paytm Insider brought flavorful dishes and cuisines from some of Bombay's leading restaurants to families and homes amidst lockdown.

YSW: What are some of the genres that are available? Can you name the trending workshops and courses for children and adults?

SS: There are a wide range of performances, ranging from music, comedy, mentalism, workshops across various subjects, online volunteering events, quizzing and games played in groups such as Ludo and Housie.

There are Shiamak style lockdown online classes currently being offered to people from ages 4 to 84. There are workshops by 'Mad over Marketing' on how to build your social media presence, which are currently trending.

There were also group workshops by Fitternity and storytelling and story writing workshops by Kommune and Tape a Tale, amongst a host of other courses on offer.

Paytm Insider

Catch a live comedy show, join a workshop, or get fit online.

YSW: What is your business model like?

SS: We work on a commission on ticket sales model with most artists, and also partner with organisers and artists more closely, whenever it is needed.

YSW: What are some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead while showcasing digital events?

SS: The primary challenge with a digital event is the ability to translate what was earlier a physical experience into an engaging digital format. This challenge is also in fact an opportunity to coax organisers to rethink what an event experience could be.

YSW: What has the response from the audience been like?

SS: Promising. We've seen festivals such as OML's #SitDown Circuit Comedy make a comeback online on Paytm Insider after being cancelled. The number of events and frequency of digital events are increasing because people still want to stay connected with artists and creators, and their art, outside of social media.

YSW: Is Paytm Insider connected to the Paytm app, and do you have any unique offers for Paytm users?

SS: All digital events on Paytm Insider also reflect on the Paytm app. There are no offers currently running on the Paytm app.

YSW: What are your future plans for Paytm Insider and is there anything exciting on the road ahead.

SS: We're continuing to build on product features on Paytm Insider that will truly deliver the full scale and experience of what a digital event could be.

YSW: What do you enjoy doing most on the weekend?

SS: Tennis, history books, poker and obscure sports documentaries are some of the few things I enjoy. During my free time, I like to play tennis and exercise regularly since it gives me a physical outlet to handle daily stress better.

Edited by Asha Chowdary