Effortlessly casual and diverse in its indulgence is Bengaluru’s hottest new all-day bar Daysie

Whether you wish to enjoy a cocktail while basking in the Bengaluru sun or enjoy some food, Daysie offers the best of both worlds.

Effortlessly casual and diverse in its indulgence is Bengaluru’s hottest new all-day bar Daysie

Friday December 30, 2022,

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For most Bengalureans who grew up in the city, the stretch along MG Road is etched in memory. Particularly the decades-old Ramanashree Arcade as it became a staple sight as you pass by Mayo Hall along this busy driveway. When it came time for a fresh addition to the space, Daysie arrived with all guns blazing. On entry, you are greeted with a plush yet cosy inner space. At first glance the décor feels fresh, with almost every corner having a perfect frame for an Instagram pose.

This was intentional by design, Vivek Gunjkar, who handles marketing for Daysie says the idea is to let everyone socialise at their own pace and take in the day as they please. The open floor plan across this 10,000-square-foot bar perfectly lends itself to this idea.

Step out and you could enjoy your cocktails while basking in the daylight of Bengaluru. Once you’re in inside, on the ground floor, the space is expansive with a large winding staircase that takes you to the mezzanine.

Here, you will first notice a flashing installation that gives the area a retro-futuristic look. It blends seamlessly with the colourful décor, giving you an itch to take a quick picture.


Daysie's flashing LED catches your eye as your enter | Image: Akanksha Sarma

The mezzanine is equally a visual treat with a bar set-up emulating the box offices of Hollywood while the space is done up with plush sofas and slightly more comfortable seating.


Ground floor bar at Daysie | Image source: Akanksha Sarma

The space is planned excellently to cater to a wide range of clients from the party-goers to family get togethers, all in a way that’s done seamlessly. For me, what makes Daysie work is the attention to detail. Almost every table comes with its own customised set of spoons, napkins and coasters that have the Daysie branding.

The coasters, which fit in right with the quirky, bright theme of the bar, are free for patrons to take home as memorabilia.

“Daysie is a versatile space with a cozy vibe where the food and drinks come together to create an intriguing fusion of culinary and mixology expertise. Whether it’s brunch or a late lunch, whether it’s noon or nightfall, whether you’re calling it a day or you want to make yours - for any time and any day, Daysie is the spot for you," says Atul Sunder, Partner ar Daysie.

On the menu

Bengaluru, with its eclectic bar scene, has set the standards high in terms of developing a menu that is both bar-friendly and also different. So for Daysie to stand out, it had to be unique. While the space, décor and even the branding are quirky—the same can be said for the food.

salmon papdi chaat

Salmon Papdi Chaat, a twist on a classic chat- Picture Courtesy- Daysie

If you’re a classic bar hopper, you can opt for one of the several bar bites like your classic masala peanuts or peri peri fries. But if you’re feeling slightly more adventurous and snacky, a crowd favourite appears to be the salmon papdi chaat.

For a more traditional but delicious route, you could even jump towards the Dahi Kebab, a soft fluffy deep-fried snack filled with a sweet and spicy yoghurt that is delectable with every bite and pairs perfectly with any cocktail you are sipping on here. There is no shortage of options in terms of what you can eat at Daysie—from Indian to continental you get everything that your heart desires.

Dahi Kebab

Dahi Kebab, a south delhi inspired snack- Picture Courtesy- Akanksha Sarma (YourStory)

According to Anirudh Kheny, one of the partners of Daysie and Managing Partner of Keen Mustard Ventures which operates the space, Daysie’s menu was conceptualised by taking inspiration from different corners of the country such as the dahi kababs of Old Delhi and the traditional mangsher chop—a Bengali favourite.

The food menu here is ecclectic with some tapas options—tapas is a Spanish concept that focusses on the creation of smaller plates that make it easy to share among a large group of people.

What can you drink?

Besides the food, the stand out for me are the drinks. They are varied, with several rooted in Indian flavours. I sampled some of the drinks from its wide range and here are some of my favourites.

gt cocktail daysie

The Dance of the Peacock- Picture Courtesy- Akanksha Sarma- (YourStory)

Dance of the Peacock: A twist on a classic G&T, this drink is a visual treat made with Greater Than, topped off with lavender and butterfly pea flowers this drink is a beauty to look at and refreshing to taste.

California Sunshine

The California Sunshine- Picture Courtesy- Akanksha Sarma (YourStory)

California Sunshine: It is pretty rare to find a cocktail with Aperol in it in many of Bengaluru’s bars. But this one just works. If you like drinks with berries in them, this is the one for you. This combination of berry notes with Bombay Sapphire and Aperol topped with egg white is light, fruity and a great pairing with any fried food you have on the table. It is also incredibly beautiful to have on the table for a quick Instagram pic. A must-have cocktail if you visit.


The Banarasiya- Picture Courtesy- Akanksha Sarma (YourStory)

The Banarasiya: This is one of the most unique-tasting cocktails on the lot. Simple, yet effective this rum-based cocktail tastes exactly like a sweet Mughlai pan with some smokey notes of a traditional betel leaf. This cocktail perhaps doesn’t pair well with food, but is excellent on its own just to sip throughout the night.

Overall, Daysie does do its bit to stand out from the crowd in Bengaluru’s thriving bar scene. Its accessibility to several nearby landmarks like the Trinity Metro and 1MG Mall, make it a perfect place to visit for a quick brunch or even an extensive dinner date if you’re feeling up to it. The service and people are warm here, so you will feel taken care of in the best way.

According to Kheny, who is also a part of Suzy Q, there may be plans to open a few more bars and may extend the Daysie brand to some other locations.

"There is more to dining than just what the food and drinks are like. If you have a positive experience, a whole lot of extra perception-based factors go into it. As someone who has been building brands in the F&B space for over a decade, it is my job to translate those intangible factors into tangible experiences," says Neeti Gokhalay Kheny, Partner at Daysie.

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