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Tuks Engineer and Kez Engineer, Founder, Global Epublishing Ltd

Thursday December 24, 2009 , 4 min Read

“Enhancing your business”

Most entrepreneurs are always looking for that extra boost to tip the scales in their favor. For some the edge and advantage comes from having a great team or heavy capital investors but the smart money is on Global Epublishing Ltd. Tuks Engineer and Kez Engineer are the entrepreneurs behind the concept that could very well change how many entrepreneurs do business and gain success.The duo explained their work and how it can be a difference maker saying “Global Epublishing ( ) provides internet business development/marketing products and services. The company sets up an internet presence for entrepreneurs and small businesses and also offers a mentorship site for individuals and organizations wishing to learn more about internet business.”

“Since incorporation, several individuals and businesses have used our products, software, skills and membership based products.”

The duo has an underlying work philosophy that dictates their actions. Their work may be one of enhancing others but they believe in self development too. They told us more saying “Our ethos is to provide exceptional quality of service when creating an internet presence for our clients. We have a very “client-centric” ethos, and strive to go the extra mile to keep clients happy. We operate a residual income model – so many clients will return for our services month after month for their online business requirements.”

The duo have tasted and weighed the benefits of entrepreneurial life and told us of their musings saying “Nothing compares to being an internet entrepreneur – aside from the obvious benefits like the freedom to work when and where we wish, and not having a boss with his/her own agenda – as entrepreneurs we get an incredible sense of fulfillment in seeing the product and service ideas have become a reality. It allows us to nurture our creative instincts, and it’s wonderful to see the effort invested actively help meet the business aspirations of clients.”

Despite their best efforts and intentions the duo has fumbled like so may others. They told us of their entrepreneurial mishap saying “In the initial stages of being an amateur business, we wasted a lot of money in non-targeted advertising and schemes. It took us a lot of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t online. Today, we help our own clients to avoid these costly mistakes, so the mistakes we made are now an asset in the form of experience we can share with our clients.”


“Business always throws up challenges, but we like to consider them as opportunities. The internet environment we operate within changes at break-neck speed, so our main challenge is in understanding our client requirements and demands…and creating products and services that meet them. Due to the rapid change in web based technologies, this is a challenge we look at every month.”

The mishaps only served to strengthen their resolve and sharpen their methods. The duo told us what achievement makes them proudest saying “We only exist to serve our clients. Without them, there would be no business. So, to grow our client base from zero to over 10,000 satisfied clients, many of whom buy on a regular basis has been our main achievement.”“When it got tough, we thought about the many rewards we would enjoy once our business took off. Having a positive and ripe mindset is a key trait in being a successful entrepreneur. Negative people just don’t make it in this industry.”

Despite the looming threat of recession, the duo is unfazed and is sure that better days are in the offing. “We expect continued growth in 2010, even as the world is trying to recover from economic instability. Our goal is to further expand the Global Epublishing brand, and keep creating new products and services that are right in line with our client needs. We have a number of exciting developments in the pipeline – and with the outsourcing push that is also planned, it should be another good year.”

The duo doled out their take on entrepreneurship and how to withstand its rigors saying “Remember that the harder the path, the sweeter the rewards. As an entrepreneur you should look out for difficulties and challenges. Because people will give you credit, praise, recognition (and money) to solve them.”

We at Yourstory are looking forward to seeing Global Epublishing Ltd expand their influence to India and are sure that the best is yet to come for Tuks and Kez.