Connect the Dots of the Web World With Multidots Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Connect the Dots of the Web World With Multidots Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Thursday April 19, 2012,

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Good things come out of bad situations. As is popularly said, every cloud has a silver lining and every storm has a rainbow. That’s what happened to Anil Gupta and Aslam Multani, victims of the 2008 recession, and founders of Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Starting a company, at that time, would have seemed like a joke to most. But for Anil and Aslam, it was an opportunity that they made use of. While waiting at a traffic signal, Aslam wondered, “We are just dots! Isn’t it Anil? And we can only become big if we connect more dots to us.” That’s how they arrived at the name ‘Multidots’.Founded in 2009, Multidots is a web, social media, online marketing and e-commerce applications development service provider, delivering applications and solutions to clients across the world. They claim to be experts in PHP based technologies and open source e-commerce technologies. They have developed and delivered web solutions for a diverse range of industries such as Real Estate, Recruitments, NGO, Telecommunications, Export-Import, IT Infrastructure and more. Their clients include the Indian High Commission website in NewZeal and, Majamba, a Swiss government funded project and Pillardata (now owned by Oracle).

They specialize in serving small and medium sized companies across the globe. They also help their clients leverage cloud computing, however small they are, saving ongoing operations and maintenance costs. Open Source technologies used include WordPress, Silverstripe, Flex, Drupal, Cake PHP, Media Wiki and almost all major PHP based platforms.

There are a number of companies doing web design, development, and. What then, makes Multidots different? Here’s what Anil had to say, “Technically speaking, you will find very few companies having their top management certified with Zend Certified Engineer. Both Aslam and I are Zend Certified Engineers.” Indeed, there are fewer than 400 ZCEs in India. And those who are certified include senior employees of notable companies such as Yahoo!, Mindtree, Zynga and TCS. “Apart from that,” adds Anil, “some statistics, that we feel set us apart, are: we have 70% of repetitive clients, we have 20% of work from references, and we retain 96.75% of our employees.”

Based out of Ahmedabad, the team of Multidots is 30 people strong. Every employee is called a ‘DOT’. Anil, CEO & Business Head, focuses on business development, accounting and operations, and Aslam, CTO & Director, takes care of execution, system skeleton and networking. Apart from Anil and Aslam, the think-tank of Multidots includes Ashok Chauhan (Share holder and Project Leader) and Jaldip Upadhyay (Project Manager).

Multidots typically looks at 20 good clients with repeat business and that is where their business development resides. “We believe in handpicking our customers and that is good for the quality of life for every individual in an organization. Logistically, we get clients from USA, UK, Europe and Australia; but we get good clients from other parts of the world as well,” added Anil.


Multidots’ business model is based on outsourcing. “Though we are not depending on outsourcing only, and are focusing on alliance, product development, partnerships and clustering, products based on SAAS. One of our initiatives is Weave Community, which is in beta mode right now,” said Anil.

Exporting their software development services to offshore and domestic clients generates the main flow of their revenue. A small part of their revenue comes from selling their testing and designing services too. They started off with an initial investment of INR 13000 and have built on that, to make their business profitable.

“The IT market is the same as in any service industry. You need to strike a balance between resources and liquidity, as there can be an unplanned flow of work and unplanned dryness. But, in the long run, the service industry has always been the most stable, i.e. if you survive the dry time, it will always flow again, after a particular time period,” says Anil about the market prospects.

“Every single individual at Multidots has struggled for the basic needs of life in early days. Most of our employees come from small towns and middle class families but run this organization and serve the top class corporates of the world. We don’t aim to get praise or good will with this story but if a single person get inspired to surmount any challenges in their life, that is all we wanted. There are a lot of interesting things happening at Multidots, anyone who is reading this story is heartily invited to be our guest,” concludes Anil.

To know more about Multidots, visit their website here.

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