Find people who share your interests through Mixinity

Find people who share your interests through Mixinity

Monday March 25, 2013,

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During our schooling days, groups and friends circle were important factors that contributed to our decision of which course we signed up for, which lectures we attended and so on. This chumminess ensured we never did anything alone and had our group to tag along. It is this need for companionship that gave Aditi Banerjee the idea for Mixinity, short for 'mixing in your vicinity'. Mixinity is a social connection platform, where users can join and enlist their areas of interest/ hobbies. Users also have to share details of their location and their gender. Mixinity then helps you find people within your locality (which can be as close as the suburb you live in) who share similar interest/ hobbies like yours and gives you the option to team with them to watch a movie or go jogging or take up yoga and so on.“We are increasingly getting virtual these days and the habit of meeting for coffee and conversations are going down. Through Mixinity our goal is to help people step out and do things that they did before but may not be doing now because of lack of a partner,” explains Aditi, founder, Mixinity. Aditi calls Mixinity a people recommendation engine, which has a solid algorithm that looks at data to suggest to you the best person who shares similar interest and tastes like you.

Aditi Banerjee
Aditi Banerjee

The site was launched in January this year and currently has over 500 profiles. The users registered on the site come from 22 different cities including Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Indore and Mumbai. When a person posts a requirement, it stays on Mixinity for a long time and doesn’t get deleted. Apart from recommending individuals, Mixinity can also be used to post ideas for mixers, so say you are an R D Burman fan and want to organise an evening of songs by the maestro. Then you can post the idea for such a mixer on Mixinity and interested people within your locality can converge on the said date.

Aditi says Mixinity can be very useful to people who are new to a city and want to find like-minded people to hang out with. The site also advises users to select public places for meeting so that there is no risk to the individual. The current users on Mixinity fall in the 18-30 age group and comprise 70% Indians and 30% US citizens. Mixinity attracts a lot of college students and the 21-25 age group is the more popular age group of users on the site.

Besides Aditi, Mixinity today is a team of five people, who are all based in Hyderabad. Mixinity is registered in the US


and works from a co-working space in Hyderabad. Going forward Aditi wants to bring local merchants on the site, where they can post information about their ventures and services and interested people can reach out to the vendor. This method would also be the way Mixinity earns money, as it doesn’t charge anything from the users. Organising mixers and meetups for its users is also an idea that Aditi is considering.Spreading the word about Mixinity is a challenge, but according to Aditi the bigger challenge is to get the right kind of people to work for the company. “India is a difficult market to navigate and finding startup friendly developers is a big challenge,” says Aditi. As the venture is self-funded getting the right people within the limited resources is another challenge.

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