How to hire? Signs of a potential talent

How to hire? Signs of a potential talent

Wednesday October 16, 2013,

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pallav nadhani

Hiring is one of the most difficult problems that a startup faces. Specially within a developing ecosystem like India, hiring good talent becomes very hard for a startup as the required mindset to work in a startup is not yet present at broad. At TechSparks 2013, hiring was an issue that was touched upon at various points during talks. Here, we look at some of the things that have helped entrepreneurs like Pallav Nadhani, founder of Fusion Charts, and Kavin Mittal, founder of Hike to hire.Having made something

"I've interviewed more than 2,000 people and have come across hardly 10 people who've made something to make life easier for themselves," said Pallav. This innate inquisitiveness to make something is what makes a person a perfect match for startups. At a startup, not many things are clear. There is a vision in mind, and everything has to be built from scratch around it, so that the road towards the vision becomes smoother.

Contribution towards open source

If one is looking to hire tech talent, contributions towards open source is a very good sign. "I've noticed that all the hires who've previously contributed towards open source projects turn out to be more curious, open to learning new things, and such attributes which make them startup material," said Kavin Bharti Mittal. The open source movement is an embodiment of the feeling to share knowledge and use the collective power to solve problems. And this mindset can never go against a startup.

The will to challenge the status quo

A startup pretty much by definition challenges the status quo; and, to be in line with this, you need employees who challenge the existing norms as well. A risk appetite, self drive, speed, and a high focus on execution - these are some of the best traits a founder can have among his/her employees.

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