Find out what these amazing entrepreneurs have to say to the world

8th Sep 2014
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Techsparks - India's Largest Entrepreneurial Summit in its 5th edition continues to live up to the promise of bringing the most promising startups to the forefront.

After Bangalore, Pune continued to amaze us on 6th September with its passion, energy and enthusiasm. With a house packed with young entrepreneurs, investors and all the other stakeholders of the startup ecosystem, one could feel the energy in the air.

At the Yourstory Booth, we came up with an initiative called "Be Bold and Be Heard" where entrepreneurs shared their personal reasons which fuel their drive to tread the path of entrepreneurship. The platform focused at assisting these entrepreneurs and, the young minds who are aspiring to become one, to share their voice with the world. Here are some of our favourite messages.

I am an Entrepreneur and I ...

"I am an entrepreneur and I WILL change the world and make it a better place" - Advitiya Sharma, C0-Founder at


"..Screw it, Let’s do it!" - Vinamra Pandiya, COO at


"..I love making mistakes and I do many so that i can learn more. Do you?" -Siddharth Deshmukh, CEO and Director, ShimBi Labs


"..I craft memories with every event" - Jayashri from AntzKraft


 "..I love to solve some real problems"- Milind Borate, Co-founder/CTO, Druva


"..and I love building my future" - Kunal, Co-founder, AdSparx.


"..I love what i do - Build better ideas together” - Abhijit Mhetre, Founder,


"..thats what defines who I am and what I stand for" - Chintan Patel


"..we offer internships; so join us , and be a part of our success journey"- Sachin,


"..I want to support people startup". Rohit Lalwani, SparkPluggers Innovation Labs.


"I want to be an entrepreneur because ....."

"..I want to be in charge of my change." - Gunjan Desai


 "..because it is step 1 for change,creativity and everything." - Poonam Tiwari


"..because I want to control my own destiny." - Sujeet Pillai


"..because I see a lot of problems that needs to be solved" - Dr Swati.


 "..and accumulate wealth and make the world a better a place to live" - Rohit Soni


Which one of the messages did you like the most? Share with us in the comments section below! 

You might also like to check all the photo highlights of the Techsparks Pune Regionals here.

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