‘Think big, it takes the same energy as thinking small’ – Top 30 quotes for entrepreneurs from TechSparks 2014!

‘Think big, it takes the same energy as thinking small’ – Top 30 quotes for entrepreneurs from TechSparks 2014!

Sunday October 19, 2014,

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YourStory’s annual TechSparks conference and showcase of Indian startups reveals not just the Top 30 startups of India, but a wealth of insights and advice from investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, academics, authors, techies and designers. Here is the list of Top 30 quotes for startups and innovators, from YourStory’s 2014 edition of TechSparks (see the 2013 compilation here)!


Think big, it takes the same energy as thinking small! - Nandan Nilekani, Co-founder, Infosys

If you are staring at Silicon Valley, you are missing the view – it is right here, it is where you are, think local! - Ellen Petry Leanse

Business growth is the best form of defence against employee attrition. - Shashank ND, Practo

Five key words for success: purpose, team, mentor, tenacity, gratitude. – Ravi Venkatesan, ex-Microsoft India

50% of college engineering students in India are women, more than in the U.S. - Kumud Srinivasan, Intel India

Competition is good, it has kept us lean. - Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Cabs

We believe in bootstrapping; the lack of resources can lead to competitive advantage through creativity. - Sandipan Chattopadhyay, Justdial

Category creation requires patience, persistence and the willingness to take on the burden of articulation to the market. - Shailendra Singh, Sequoia Capital

The key for getting and retaining talent is building the right company culture. - Alok Goel, Freecharge

We wanted something to meet our needs – so we decided to build it ourselves. - Advitiya Sharma, Housing

Customer engagement is super-critical for success. - Shriram Krishnamachari, Intuit

There are many more opportunities now for startups to take offline workflow online. - Sridharan Ramakrishna, ET Now

We use brands and talk to people, ‘social influencers’ talk to brands and use people! - Ramesh Srivats, TenTenTen

The redesign of payment systems needs to look at convenience, trust and blended solutions. - Lokvir Kapoor, Pine Labs

Content discovery is in its infancy, let’s shape it! - Edouard Lambelet, Paper.li

Think of Singapore as the Wall Street of the region – but the big markets are elsewhere in Southeast Asia. - Takeshi Ebihara, Redbright Partners

I used to think innovation was about product or process – we are doing both. - Manu Jain, Xiaomi

The real benefit of Internet of Things (IoT) is in broad, deep and long-term views of the physical world and our interaction with it. – Jay Warrior, Bosch Centre, I.I.Sc.

Guilt is the curse of womanhood – but don’t feel guilty about your career choices. - Kumud Srinivasan, Intel India

There is a shift in Indian startups away from IT services to Internet and software based businesses. - Klaas Oskam, Signal Hill

Bombay airport is in Bombay, unlike the case of Bangalore! - Praveen Kumar, comedian

Viral fever is like love – it happens or it doesn’t! - Arunabh Kumar, TheViralFever Media Labs

The Top Seven newspapers in India are non-English. India has only 10% English literacy. - Virendra Gupta, Newshunt

Apps go viral through connection – user connection and social media connection. - Saurabh Aggarwal, Octro

Sell yourself and be the brand. - Arvinder Gujral, Twitter

We are now launching mobile government and knowledge management in Karnataka government. - Mamatha Gowda, Government of Karnataka

Twitter is like a miniskirt, Facebook is like Lycra, and GooglePlus is like pajamas! - Ramesh Srivats, TenTenTen

This is not the end game. The game is only beginning. - Ellen Petry Leanse