How this revenue funded company built a platform for optimized m-commerce

How this revenue funded company built a platform for optimized m-commerce

Tuesday March 03, 2015,

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There are a lot of brilliant product ideas floating around but just a handful that see thorough execution. And there are even lesser that find a product-market fit. In this environment, it is always difficult to maintain the right balance between product and services. Many suggest you do only one thing at a time but only a startup knows how ends meet. Dayson Pais is one such gritty entrepreneur from Mumbai who has been in the startup world for more than five years now.


To begin with, the team built a B2C Product - Textme which had to shut down owing to some policy changes around SMS. After this, they entered the booming world of e-commerce in the form of a consultancy agency. WeblyCommerce helped large brands in India set up e-commerce verticals for their business. Running it for a few years and generating enough cash, the 15 member team, which is heavy on technologists, is now focussing on hyper next product suite- Crunch.

As shoppers have become increasingly comfortable on mobile, e-commerce businesses are struggling to deliver optimised and stellar mobile experiences to their shoppers. "Traditional e-commerce platforms like Magento weren't built for the mobile era they are plagued with under-performing mobile experiences which decreases conversion rate, degrade the customer experience and affects your bottom line," says Dayson. There is a huge gap between desktop and mobile conversion rates and Crunch is engineered to solve this problem.

CrunchCommerce has a bunch of solutions for an e-commerce company which is typically a desktop site or a responsive one:

A) CrunchAdaptive lets one highly-optimize for mobile browsers. It connects in real-time with e existing e-commerce platform and optimizes it into a sophisticated app-experience that runs in a smart phone browser. The claim is that conversion increases by 40 per cent (examples- | | | )

B) CrunchStudio is a mobile control panel. It adds a layer of missing m-commerce functionality to the existing e-commerce store so one doesn't have to rebuild, migrate or code.

C) And CrunchNative and CrunchSDK are aimed towards e-commerce businesses wanting sophisticated m-commerce native apps and tapping into app commerce.

The company is laser focused on Magento as it is the fastest growing e-commerce platform in India and the world. "India is home to more than 500 Magento driven e-commerce businesses and world-wide more than 250,000. We want to achieve a full vertical growth here," says Dayson. With customers like Cello, Fabbag, PC Jewellers and more, CrunchCommerce generates a steady revenue through its SaaS model with a monthly licensing fee and pay-as-you-grow pricing plan. Its customers are both e-commerce businesses and agencies.

There are companies like Martmobi and Apptuse which work in the same space but small businesses coming on mobile is only now becoming imperative. "There is existing competition directly and indirectly in this market, mainly through generic m-commerce platforms. Crunch is focused on the details that make operations and scaling hassle-free. We want to bring a Flipkart and Myntra-like mobile experience to everyone!" says Dayson.