Videos are taking over the internet, here's how to boost your video marketing

Videos are taking over the internet, here's how to boost your video marketing

Tuesday March 31, 2015,

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Over a period of time, online videos have become one of the most popular content marketing tactics for B2B companies.While it remains a trend, for content marketing, it can be a bit tough to come up with new content ideas. We often hear people say “We have plans to create content, but we are running short of new ideas.”


There are a lot of ideas all around, but it takes time to compile and filter those ideas and execute them, especially as videos. So, if you find yourself stuck in a content groove, then here are a few simple ideas to boost your video marketing.

  1. Product Demos - Every time you release a new product or add on a new feature to it, you update it on your site, send press release, send email newsletters, update it in the blog posts and of course share it on all social networks.But what could be better than compiling all this into a video? Create a simple video presentation demonstrating your product features and its benefits to your audience and share it with your sales prospects, post on YouTube channel, put up on your website, and share via social networks.

Here's a product demo of Chillr, explaining its feature and application.

  1. Value Statement- While the product demos showcase minute details of your product, you must also create brand value through such videos. Make sure you introduce people to your core values and corporate philosophies,apart fromthe product details. This video content can be posted to your company website or used in email campaigns for lead generation.

Check out the video of the Murugappa Group which truly states its power and value.

  1. Tips and how-tos - Your demo video can definitely help you attain your audience attention, but what will interest them more is how your product can be a solution to their problems. It’s all about being helpful. Share a tip or idea via video that can educate your audience and help them perform better.
  2. Client Testimonials -Testimonials have always been an integral part of marketing strategies as they help build a trust around your brand. But have you ever thought ofrecreatingthem in videos? Share the success stories of your satisfied clients, or shortlist your best customer quotes and make a small visual presentation. This will definitely add a personal touch to your testimonial content and can be showcased to your prospective clients.
  3. Webinar Invites - Is there an upcoming webinar or an event lined up? Then, promote it through videos. Compile a video with the event speakers adding a personal touch to the invite and include it in your promotional content or emails.
  4. Expert Q&As - If you are done with the demos and how-to's and the webinars, then it's time to share some expert views.Track down the experts or influencers in your field and try to convince them to sit for a Q&A session. This gives you an all new content asset, and also helps you build relationships with the thought leaders.
  5. Video Infographics - Infographics are great content marketing assets that get shared like crazy, and of course people love them.Take all that imagery and data and repurpose into a cool video infographic. These can be used for both inbound and outbound marketing strategies to boost your brand identity and extend the reach of your message.
  6. Street Interviews- This is an effective tactic to use, when you fail to lock down an expert talk. You can head out to talk to the masses and discuss about anything related to your product. You can also use this tactic while heading for an industry event or webinar and go across to the attendees or expert presenters to get their insight on your product or service.
  7. Whiteboard Animations - There’s something so hypnotic about the hand drawnimages and words, that it's veryhard to take your eyes away from them. Whiteboard animation remains the most engaging way to unfold your story to your audience. With little time and cost you can convey more information while keeping your viewer engaged and involved. Be it a tangible or an intangible product, it's one of the most effective ways to intimate your audience with your product.

Check out a whiteboard animation, inspired from book "The Startup Of You" by Reid Hoffman"

If you look around, you willsee there’s no shortage of video marketing content. Have you got an all new video content idea? Then, share it in the comment box below.

About the author:

Ralu RM, Co-founder at WowMakers

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