‘Your startup is your magic, don’t let go of it cheap’ – 35 quotes from Indian startup journeys

2nd Aug 2015
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From local commerce to visionary leadership, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 35 gems and insights from the week of July 26 – August 1 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights!

 We Indians are known for jugaad – the rest of the world calls it Lifehack.

- Pardeep Goyal

While travelling in really different sort of communities and areas you realise how people have taken up technology and used it for their local purposes.

- Kavita Gupta, Cine-Roost Advisory

There is no platform better than cricket in India.

- Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Paytm

Singapore is a great place to start a new business.

- Prakash Sangam, redBus

All great relationships in life have one thing in common – respect for others.

- Vineet Khurana, Viprasoft

E-commerce through kirana is still at a nascent stage.

- Kiran Gali, NumberMall

Local services is an unorganized market in India.

- Ranjith Menon, IDG Ventures

Marketers need to formulate their strategies focused on user personas and their intent.

- Pranab Punj, Vserv

Overall spend on technology around recruitment in India should be about USD 1 to 1.5 billion in annual revenues.

- Venkatesh Peddi, IDG Ventures

App-only route in my mind is a disaster.

- Mukesh Singh, ZopNow

Technology has made us more connected and a lot more distant at the same time.

- Salone Sehgal, TrulySocial

Your startup is your magic, don’t let go of it cheap.

- Pulkit Ahuja, Orix Auto

Be a problem solver! Just get your hands dirty and time will lead the way.

- Diya Sharma, Sindeo

If you look at failure in advance, then nothing will ever happen.

- Jenpu Rongmei, CAN Youth

The world, today, sees India in a positive light.


It becomes important to choose something one is passionate about. If one enjoys the process, it becomes easier to get through the countless failures before the eventual success.

Ashutosh, Purplehed

It is finally the gut feeling of the entrepreneur to decide if he must pivot or not.

- Ninad Yedurkar, PrajwalBharat

You will see lot of employees come through personal networks of existing employees.

- Albinder Dhindsa, Grofers

With over 7 million artisans, India is globally known for its unique artifacts and traditional products.

- Ankit Nagori, India Art House

Every artist is a story teller.

- Inderpreet Singh, PosterGully

I think art has a way of transforming the world.

- Cheryl Braganza, Montreal Woman of the Year

Creating an image gets me to a high and that is a feeling I would not trade for anything else in the world.

- Shovona Karmakar, photographer

Upto 40% of India’s produce is wasted in transit. And yet, India has only 8,000 refrigerated trucks capable of transporting fresh produce.

- Global AgTech Week

India produces 13 million tonnes of paper every year and the recycling is only about 26%.

- Girish Reddy, Used2Useful

Recycling is an art that sustains life and livelihood.

– Trash2Cash

Services marketplaces need to standardize their services so that users get a consistent and seamless experience, much like products.

Sunil Goyal, Near.in

Funding may or may not materialise but a sustainable business will keep you in the race.

- Mubaid Syed, ShipNinja

Product-market fit matters the most.

- Bhaskar Raju Konduru, Helloclass

Entrepreneurship presents an interesting cocktail of highs and lows.

- Pankaj Gupta, Flexipass

Get ready to live a life in silos, with no time for family.

- Devesh Varshney, Baba Fattoosh

I couldn’t bear the monotony of a day job where I would have to work to make someone else rich.

- Pratik Doshi, Cheeky Chunk

Large businesses take a minimum of ten years in the making.

- Deepak Wadhwa, WeAreHolidays

You need both the kinds of businesses in the world: one, to innovate, and two, to expand the idea to the world.

- Arrif Ziaudeen, Chope

At the end of the day, fashion is not about what you wear, it is about how you wear it.

- Priya Wagh, MavenChic

You represent your personal brand with not just your work but also the perception you inspire.

- Nidhi Agarwal, KAARYAH

Everyone has aspirations, they just need the right opportunity.

- Chetna Gala Sinha, Mann Deshi Bank

When someone says you won’t do this because you are a girl, I can’t rest until I do that.

- Aditi Chaurasia, EngineerBabu

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping - it is something that does not let you sleep.

Dr. Abdul Kalam


YourStory has also published the pocketbook ‘Proverbs and Quotes for Entrepreneurs: A World of Inspiration for Startups’ as a creative and motivational guide for innovators (downloadable as apps here: Apple, Android).


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