CRM startup SalezShark creates 360-degree view of customers to help sales people drive better engagement and higher conversion

CRM startup SalezShark creates 360-degree view of customers to help sales people drive better engagement and higher conversion

Thursday November 05, 2015,

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Having led the global sales and marketing team in various engagements,steering the growth of CRM-based sales and marketing has been in the DNA of Ajay Chauhan for the last 15 years. During this stint, he had proliferated the skill of sustaining deeper customer relationships and building the global brand.

Ajay Chauhan, Co-founder, SalezShark
Ajay Chauhan, Co-founder, SalezShark

With a vision to disrupt the CRM landscape and redefine its state to build the differentiator in the marketplace, Ajay launched SalezShark, a next-generation sales and marketing automation platform powered by customer relationship cloud. Its mobile app enables sales and marketing folks to prospect in a better manner and efficiently manage their daily tasks, meetings and activities.

SalezShark is a US based startup, incorporated in the year 2014 with its headquarter in Virginia. It was launched in India in April 2015 with its operational office in Gurgaon. The company has 100 per cent subsidiary in India.

It provides contextual intelligence and proactive recommendations on prospective leads and companies in a user’s vicinity, so that they can amplify existing opportunities and build healthy sales funnel while they are on the field. Initially, the startup was seed funded with a capital of one million by its founders and later it received an investment of $2 million from Indian American entrepreneur Saif Ahmad.

Ajay says,

With so many CRMs in the market today catering to the traditional objectives of managing sales operations and reporting, there is a need to equip organisations and sales professionals with a tool that is not only easy to use but provides an edge to do better sales.

Key features

SalezShark fetches all the customer intelligence- likes, dislikes, preferences, workplace etc, in front of the user, within a few seconds. This not only encourages the sales professional to customise his sales pitches but also motivates him to understand the needs of his customer, leading to a higher number of positive results.

It's key features include location mapping, notification alerts on meetings, activities, schedule tasks and auto lead capture from various sources to minimise manual data entry efforts, enabling sales professionals to augment the sales number.

The price of the products are charged based on the subscription model which starts from $20 and goes up to $45- $60 per user per month for a premium package. The startup also offers a transferable subscription with on-premise deployment, which is on cloud and completely secured.

Steering the growth

Built over the relationship engine, SalezShark provides contextual data and relevant recommendations to offer a complete sales and marketing solution. Currently, the startup has 75 clients which including Neosynapses, Prognosis Digital and more.

Ajay says,

The CRM space is mistaken to be a saturated industry but in reality this is where the scope of innovation really exists and needs to be tapped into. There is great opportunity for SalezShark out here and we are doing our best by introducing something very new to disrupt the CRM space.

After experiencing the sweet taste of success in US, the startup is now eyeing the Indian market and is expected to launch a series of products for businesses of all sizes.

Going forward, the startup will focus extensively on building its mobile app to help help sales executives overcome their challenges on the field.

“To enhance the performance, we have a built-in business card scanner which enables users to quickly grab prospect information without any hassles. Contextual intelligence and location-based feeds is something that will definitely improve sales performance in a huge way,” says Ajay.

Bird’s eye view of the market

According to a report by Gartner, the CRM space has witnessed a revenue growth of $23.9 billion in 2014 and is predicted to grow rapidly for the next three years. SaaS or cloud-based CRM deployments currently represents more than 40 percent of all CRM deployments, and is set to reach 50 percent during 2015.

A recent survey conducted by NASSCOM stated that the SMB market is expected to grow at YOY rate of 15per cent CAGR. With such growth, IT spends of such companies are expected to grow further with CRM platforms as their top priority.

Hence, it is quite evident that there is a great opportunity and a potential market for SalezShark to tap into as its products are tailored to cater to companies of varied sizes.

“Our strategy would be to create a compelling factor for sales professionals by giving them a reason to love their CRM platform. Owing to the overwhelming responses received so far, we are confident of giving a tough challenge to some of the biggest competitors in our space,” adds Ajay.


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