Enhance your productivity with these simple desk hacks


An average employee spends 40 per cent of their day at work, and almost all these hours are spent at the desk. Research has proved that the way an employee’s desk or work space is organised has a direct effect on their productivity. A clean and well-organised work desk can help you think clearly and focus more on your work.

Here are some tips to keep your workspace clean and organised:

Get rid of unnecessary items

Keep track of the items on your desk. Make sure everything has its own designated space. For example, all incoming documents can be stacked in one place and marked to avoid confusion at a later time. Spend time to segregate unwanted items on your desk and get rid of them.

Use soft copies whenever possible

Loose printouts, photocopies, reports and memos can create a sizeable mess on your desk. Try using soft copies of your documents whenever possible. This can reduce the clutter on your table to a large extent.

Plan out a desk-cleaning schedule

Not just plan, but follow it strictly. Gather all the items on your desk and place them where they belong. Clean dust and dirt off your desk, and ensure that you only have the things you use on a daily basis on your desk. Find another space to store all your less frequently used items.

Keep a waste bin close to your desk

This can help ensure that the space around you remains tidy always. Keep it at an arm’s length, so that all your waste items can fall into it easily.

Decorate your desk

Decorate your desk with items that will have a positive influence on your mind. You can keep photos of your friends, family or even an inspirational slogan. Research says that keeping a potted plant or a fish in a bowl on your desk can also have a positive effect on your productivity. When your mind is in tune with the arrangement of your workspace, your productivity automatically increases.

Use sticky notes

Create to-do lists using sticky notes and paste them close to you. This way, you’re reminded of the tasks you need to finish and by when you need to finish them. Doing this can greatly enhance your focus and productivity.

Arrange for proper lighting

Working in a dark environment can negatively affect your focus and productivity. It is better to have natural lighting, as it relaxes your mind and lightens up your mood. Arrange your desk near a window. Nowadays offices are designed so as to let ample skylight in. This is a step towards creating a healthy work environment.

A significant portion of your day is spent at work, and creating a positive environment that stimulates productivity can tremendously enhance the quality of your time in the office. You’d be surprised how brightening up your desk a little can affect your productivity!