Popular transgender activist Kalki Subramaniam invited to speak at Harvard Business School

Popular transgender activist Kalki Subramaniam invited to speak at Harvard Business School

Monday January 23, 2017,

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Writer, activist, and actor Kalki Subramaniam is a role model to many in the transgender community. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, she established the Sahodari Foundation, which provides counselling and support services to underprivileged transgender women, in 2008. She even played a lead role in a Tamil movie, Narthagi, becoming the first transgender woman to foray into mainstream cinema. She has two postgraduate degrees — in mass communications and in international relations.

She has always been a part of awareness campaigns and welfare initiatives for the transgender community, making a strong impact in the society. Renowned within the country, she is now geared up to take her fame to the international level — she has been invited by Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School to speak at the India Conference 2017. Speaking to the Times Of India, she said, "I will be speaking about transgender (TG) rights, issues, and possible solutions. I will also talk about how we can move forward to establish human rights and equality for trans people."

Honoured by this invitation, Kalki says she would like to share the honour with the entire community and that she is looking forward to concentrating on the social, economic, and political problems of the transgender community and the corresponding solutions on a global level, at the conference. According to a report by The Better India, Kalki says, "When I got the invitation on January 1, I was pleasantly surprised. This would be my chance to share with the world the beauty behind the transgender movement in India. I will be talking about this historical movement that also has a strong spiritual context. I will be providing a global context as well and putting the spotlight on how the Indian movement differs from the Western scenario."

In light of the hard times and bullying she has gone through in previous stages of her life, Kalki's determination and commitment are nothing less than phenomenal.

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