6 email marketing strategies that can boost sales

Friday February 03, 2017,

3 min Read

A good business communication strategy is vital to run an organisation effectively. Standing out from the crowd adds value to your target audience. Since almost everyone has an email address they use on a daily basis, email marketing is known to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. However, salespeople often tend to forget the importance and impact emails can have on the consumers.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Using these effective email marketing tips can help you build a strong customer-base through your emails.

Be consistent

A direct message on a regular basis will help to maintain consistency with subscribers. It also helps build trust. Accordingly, you can analyse your email marketing data and thus schedule your campaigns and other activities.

Scrutinise the marketplace

First, you need to see how educated consumers are about the products or services you wish to sell. In case you are one among the few players in the market, chances are that consumers’ knowledge is limited. In such cases emails should educate readers.

If you operate in a competitive market, it would be advisable to inform readers about how different you are and how much more value you can add. It would be worth going that extra mile and target your emails better.

Add the right amount of information

Convey the message and add information that is just needed at the moment. Add a link to any extra piece of information. For example, link the email to a sales blog link or ‘read more’ link.

Identify the prime time to send your email

After you know the needs of your customer, the next step is to understand their current position. If your prospective customers are out of budget or considering other important things, then an email with a sense of urgency will backfire. Remember never to pressurise your customer.

When it comes to timing, one should also determine the optimal timing with respect to competitors. Getting noticed along with other marketers is also another strategy.

Right messaging

Turning your mails into sales opportunities requires you to stay one step ahead of the competition with new, original messages that grab the attention of all sorts of users, be it on the mobile or laptop.

Using email templates is another way of saving time. Creating quality templates will build the confidence of readers. It shows that you are addressing the prospect’s needs.

Monitor your email processes

Continuously monitor your email programs and processes, and determine the most successful one. Understand which approach works best and replicate it. Analytics have the power to give wonderful insights. You get a thorough knowledge of what works best and what doesn’t.

Focus on making every one of your emails unique. People are really mindful of their inboxes and receive tonnes of emails. To maintain engagement, the content should be out of the box. These strategies will help you nail the perfect email.