This is what you do when your marketing strategies don’t seem to work

This is what you do when your marketing strategies don’t seem to work

Thursday February 02, 2017,

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We all think we are at the top of our marketing game, until we start to see a substantial drop in ROIs. Most of the times, marketers blame execution and the timing the campaign, or perhaps wrong targeting, but not many realise that their marketing gimmicks may have stopped working on their customers.

Let’s understand it this way – as humans, we dread monotony. In fact, if you start eating Italian food from your favourite restaurant for more than thrice a week, sooner or later, you’ll start developing a sense of revulsion for it. Subsequently, you would start looking for a new cuisine, or perhaps, a new restaurant.


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The same is true with your target audience. If you have been using the same marketing strategies to entice your customers for a very long time now, maybe it’s time to put on your thinking cap and look out for ways to add a bit of spice to your deliverables.

Say hello to the three musketeers.

The three most important analysis points in marketing are:

Getting attention: You need to analyse if your marketing approaches are prompting a response from prospects or simply going down the drain. It is all about capturing the attention and tapping into the segments that are yet to be explored, and pivoting your strategies to meet the current demand of your target audience.

Positioning: Make sure your strategies are conveying the value and importance of your products or services to your prospective buyers. Putting across the right information through various channels is vital to retain the attention of your customers for long. Serve them informative material and strategise in a way that your brand name pops up in their newsfeed at all times. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.

Selling: The easiest way to find out if you are doing a good job is to study your conversion rates, sales reports, and profit on both a micro and macro level. Understand if you are making the right progress in every sector be it on a personal level or industrial.

Bulls eye

You need to make sure you are targeting the right audience. It is important to understand the kind of audience your product is viable to and if your marketing strategies are targeting the right audiences. You need to formulate a well-structured method to filter out the audiences to saturate the prospects that can be converted into buyers. For instance, Facebook keeps track of the people/pages a fan interacted with, which could be anything ranging from engagement, profile views, and photo views, and gives a small boost to the visibility of the last fifty people/pages in the news feed. For a business page, it is ideal to be one of the last fifty interactions, and the best way to do that is to make sure you’re sharing content on a consistent basis and posting schedule that works for you.

Online presence

In today’s time, having a strong online presence is mandatory. It acts as the first introduction of your company. The first thing anyone does today is to look up a new brand or service online and study before they decide to become a buyer. So buck up, get your website in order, and your social media sorted. Open the closets to your mailing lists and filter out the redundant. Make this a yearly ritual and you will always be free from virtual clutter.

Cut the frills

Nobody wants to hear about unrealistic scenarios where your product can save lives or find water on mars. So cut the frills and do what people appreciate in marketing campaigns today. Take note of the best marketing campaigns  in your industry and work around the similar line. Be honest and clear about what you have to offer and how a prospect can approach you. The best marketing strategies are often the simplest and most straightforward.


More than anything else, you need to make sure your approach is consistent. All your efforts can become redundant if you don’t know how to maintain sprinkle the right amount of salt every time you serve out the dish. If you decide to start off a campaign on a high note, make sure you maintain the same level of energy throughout the show. And be sure to come up with great ideas every time you want to put out a new venture to grab your customer's’ attention. Consistency is the key!

Think of it as cleaning out your closet. It is time to shed what doesn’t suit your style and needs and find something that is trending in the industry today. It is all about leaving impressions that lasts a while in the minds of your target audience!