3 things you need to overcome to become the next big thing


Failure is but a byproduct of success. Every successful entrepreneur has faced failure in some form or another in his quest to make it big. If you don't want to live a mediocre life anymore and want to hit the jackpot, you have to risk some things. Be it quitting your current high-flying career or putting your life's savings into a project you believe in, you have to be willing to take some risks if you want to achieve phenomenal success.

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You might not experience success immediately and that is okay. It might take time to get solid returns on your investment. But you have to keep moving ahead despite your failures and shortcomings if you really want to prosper. When you are able to identify the recurring patterns that are leading to your downfall and set up a course of action, you'll be able to map your road to success with ease.

All successful people fail. Here are three obstacles you need to overcome to become the next big thing:

You will be rejected or fired or both

All successful people have been rejected by big companies or fired from their jobs. When you are rejected, you experience a jolt that propels you in the direction of success. JK Rowling was rejected by a lot of publishers before Bloomsbury decided to publish Harry Potter. You need to experience rejection if you want a real taste of success. Don't give up when you lose out on one opportunity. Keep trying and you'll definitely steer your course towards success eventually.

You will be discredited by people

You will receive a ton of negative feedback while you're trying to make something of yourself. Don't internalise this negativity as unfavourable feedback is not evidence of failure. Instead, use the skepticism around you to motivate yourself. Try to rid yourself of the negativity surrounding you by hanging out with people who inspire you to achieve bigger and better things. Don't measure your capabilities by other people's opinion of you. If you do that, you'll never be able to rise above the pessimism.

You will be completely and utterly frustrated

Frustration has its roots in several things. Not being able to complete projects on time, not making enough money, not meeting your short-term goals; the list can go on. You need to realise that frustration is a part and parcel of success. If you don't break a sweat while trying to reach your goals, you're probably doing something wrong. When you take the road less travelled, you will face a bit of resistance. However, the resentment you feel while trying to move forward will help you uncover things about yourself that you never knew existed and this will be your secret to success.

The above-mentioned failures will cause you a lot of pain but you have to keep trudging on if you want to be successful. Just remember that these rejections are examples of failure all successful people experience.


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