An engineer for the poor, Ayush Semele is a manufacturer without a college degree

An engineer for the poor, Ayush Semele is a manufacturer without a college degree

Wednesday July 26, 2017,

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Ayush Semele, a 19-year-old from Prithvipur, Bundelkhand, is making headlines for all the right reasons. Even without a formal education at an engineering college, he is being called the 'Engineer for the Poor' for developing electronic items for daily use and even tutoring people in manufacturing the devices at very affordable prices.

Image source: Hindustan Times

Ayush has been facilitating this without the basic degree one needs to get this job done. Adding value to the belief that one really does not need formal education to make a difference, Ayush proved himself to be an ideal testimony.

He has an active YouTube channel with more than 14 lakh subscribers. The revenue he earns from this channel is put to good use in making electronic devices which he then donates to the poor.

Speaking with Hindustan Times, Ayush said,

"I always wanted to become a scientist, but our education system only teaches us theoretical subjects. Whenever I sought practical lessons, I was thrown out of my class. I was criticised for asking questions. No one even tried to understand me."

At school, Ayush did not do well and was at the receiving end of plenty of criticism from his family and society. In 2012, when Ayush was just 14, he ran away from home for almost a week to avoid the taunts of his family. Despite everything, he pulled himself back and started making small toys and basic electronics with waste parts initially.

According to a report by Hinduworld, Ayush said,

"My life has not always been this nice. There was a time I ran away and even contemplated ending my life. There were constant taunts because I was never a good student. My parents never supported my ideas and my father would always scold me for wasting my time doing experiments."

His confidence and hard work have started to pay off and Ayush is now a hero for kids around him who never had toys to play with.

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