Campaigns which reinvented narratives of adverts

Campaigns which reinvented narratives of adverts

Monday July 31, 2017,

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With so many channels available to brands in the last decade, several brands have come up with creative and out of the box social media campaigns that were ahead of their time. These brands made the most of their social media presence from the outset of digital media marketing. From Facebook to Instagram and Snapchat to Periscope, many brands have built brilliant campaigns that were beyond self-promotion and noisy broadcasting.

After scouring the web and looking at the metrics, we've put together a list of some of the best social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms and industries that were enormously successful.


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In 2015, the pizza giant started a campaign on Twitter where they encouraged pizza delivery through a single emoji. All customers were required to do is register their own Twitter handle on the Dominos pizza profile and then tweet an emoji pizza slice to the Dominos' Twitter handle. With this forward-thinking campaign, Dominos ensured that ordering a pizza required no more than a single emoji.


Not only does Airbnb has the hospitality sector looking up at it for inspiration, but it has also shaken up social media because of its excellent marketing. The couch-surfing giant recently launched a campaign called #LiveThere that focuses on encouraging people to live like a local wherever they travel. The accommodation behemoth used 3D technology to deliver a new style of visual advertising and their campaign video received 11 million views on Facebook. With this campaign, Airbnb managed to hit the social media sweet spot.

National Geographic

In 2014, Nat Geo launched a campaign called 'My Nat Geo Covershot' through which fans and avid-photographers get the chance to display their photo on a National Geographic magazine. All fans needed to do was to upload their photos through Facebook and caption it. Once they entered the contest, they stood a chance to win a travel package. While we are witnessing many similar campaigns now, it was a standalone idea three years back.


In 2012, the cookie giant launched the campaign 'Daily Twist' to celebrate its 100th birthday. Through this campaign, Oreo created 100 days worth of unique images highlighting a number of significant events in pop culture. Oreo managed to create highly relevant content that led to a ton of conversation and engagement on their Facebook page. They kickstarted the event with a rainbow Oreo in recognition of LGBT rights.


In 2011, fashion chain Diesel combined fashion and QR codes to link the offline experience of in-store customers with their online friends. All users had to do was enter a Diesel store, pick a denim of their choice and scan the product's QR code with their mobile phone. A website would open on their phone where they could view the other products of the brand. Once they did this, a post would appear on their Facebook wall that notified their friends that they are shopping at Diesel. This campaign was a brilliant example of incorporating real-world content into the customers' virtual profiles.

Social media is an influential tool and the sooner your brand makes the most of it, the better visibility and connectivity you will have with your customers.